Meet the team: Samppa Rytkönen

This time we want to introduce one of our wonderful team members from Kausala branch: our Quality Manager Samppa Rytkönen, who makes sure that we indeed deliver what we promise. Samppa is not only a trustworthy and liked colleague but also Climecon’s invincible karaoke king who magically gets everyone in the audience rushing to the dance floor.

Meet the team: Liisa Vanhatalo

Another superwoman joined Climecon’s team in August when Liisa Vanhatalo started as the Product Manager of MyAir, our intelligent ventilation system. It was obvious from the very beginning that sociable Liisa is the perfect addition to the Climecon family, and she continues to charm everyone with her bubbly personality.

Meet the team: Olli Kekäläinen

Our new Cost Estimator Olli is Climecon’s official spectator sport champion who knows sport statistics better than anyone else in the team. Besides finishing his engineering studies the humorous man also works hard with our clients’ quotes.

Meet the team: Merja Virtanen

We would like to present an energetic woman at the dispatch department of Kausala, Merja Virtanen. Merja has been a part of the Climecon story from the very beginning.

Meet the team: Suvi Erola

This time we would like to present our energetic Sales Assistant Suvi, who manages to keep things under control in every situation.

Meet the team: Pekka Huhtela

This time we want you to meet Climecon’s Product Manager Pekka, who charms with his attitude and never gives empty promises. 

Meet the team: Linda Köresaar

The new boss lady of our marketing department, Linda has blessed us with digital marketing skills as well as witty humor. During six months at Climecon Linda has already led a number of new projects and reinvented herself as a sailor.

Meet the team: Henja Heikkilä

Next we would like to present our Sales Assistant, Henja Heikkilä, who is a lovely mother figure of the whole Climecon team. Henja has been a part of the Climecon story from the very beginning, almost 12 years.

Meet the team: Henri Remes

In the Climecon team we have a bunch of amazing people working together. Now we would like to present them also to you! So lets start by introducing you our easygoing salesman – also known for his card tricks – Henri Remes.