Welcome to Climecon Dima Pukki

Climecon strengthened its team again when a new Sales Manager, Dima Pukki, started at the Helsinki office. Dima takes care of professional kitchen clients from all around Finland. Dima’s first weeks have started eventfully by getting to know Climecon’s products and, of course, his new colleagues. 

Dima has worked for over 10 years in different sales tasks with clients from all around the world. Dima, who has been involved in many things, describes himself as an energetic, efficient, and positive. He values Climecon’s relaxed and open work environment, and Climecon’s technically competent team has made a lasting impression on him. Climecon has been a familiar company for Dima for a long time.

“Climecon’s products are great, and the clients recognize Climecon for its quality and responsibility,” comments Dima. It makes the sales job easy when the products are the best in the world, he continues.

“Familiar industry and nice group of people. All my expectations have been exceeded, and together we can help clients by providing the best solutions,” Dima sums up.

Earlier, he worked in Cleantech-companies, which specializes in water and air purification. He took part in developing sales, leadership, and all necessary building blocks with growth both in Finland and internationally.

On his time off, a small energetic puppy keeps him occupied. He likes versatile hobbies, from working out at the gym to fixing cars. “Especially working with cars brings balance to sales work when you work with your hands.”


Vent.X tips – Throw pattern designer

In this article, we explain in more detail what is included in the Throw pattern designer tab. You can access the design of the throw pattern designer from the tabs in the Products front page. From the menus that open on the left side of the view, you can change the information of the device, room and throw patterns. Everything you need is easily in one view.

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Get to know: Customer service star Suvi Erola

Our customer service has two outstanding professionals, one of whom we will now present. Sales Coordinator Suvi has been an important part of Climecon’s sales team for about fifteen years. Always a cheerful personality is a very much liked colleague who also ensures everything is always in order at the office. In addition, this woman never runs out of humor.

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Why are lifecycle-calculated building services solutions needed?

The new Building Act will take into account the lifecycle impacts of buildings. This also includes the impacts of the manufacturing of construction products and their end-of-life waste treatment. A carbon footprint must be calculated for the project to obtain a building permit. Therefore, by choosing products with EPDs, contractee, designer, or contractor can easier fulfill the legal requirements.

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