NEW: Demand-controlled ventilation saves energy in professional kitchens

Climecon brings a new innovation to professional kitchen ventilation, which can reduce the energy consumption of kitchen ventilation by at least 50 %. OptiDemand DCKV technology, available in all Climecon hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions, provides demand-controlled ventilation for professional kitchens. Demand-controlled, intelligent ventilation saves energy, and employees always have optimal working conditions.

Climecon’s emissions have decreased by 40% – or not?

This would make a good clickbait headline, but we want to tell you the truth. We have now calculated the environmental emissions of 2023. For several years, Climecon has been working actively to reduce the climate and environmental impacts caused by business operations.

Vent.X tips – Throw pattern designer

In this article, we explain in more detail what is included in the Throw pattern designer tab. You can access the design of the throw pattern designer from the tabs in the Products front page. From the menus that open on the left side of the view, you can change the information of the device, room and throw patterns. Everything you need is easily in one view.

Get to know: Customer service star Suvi Erola

Our customer service has two outstanding professionals, one of whom we will now present. Sales Coordinator Suvi has been an important part of Climecon’s sales team for about fifteen years. Always a cheerful personality is a very much liked colleague who also ensures everything is always in order at the office. In addition, this woman never runs out of humor.

Why are lifecycle-calculated building services solutions needed?

The new Building Act will take into account the lifecycle impacts of buildings. This also includes the impacts of the manufacturing of construction products and their end-of-life waste treatment. A carbon footprint must be calculated for the project to obtain a building permit. Therefore, by choosing products with EPDs, contractee, designer, or contractor can easier fulfill the legal requirements.

Spirit of Helsinki wins silver in Ocean Globe race

The Finnish boat Spirit of Helsinki crossed the finish line of the Ocean Globe Race last week and achieved a historic second place in the competition. The boat and crew arrived as the third boat at the finish line and were initially tied for winning in both the class and overall races. Boat Maiden Factor took the win after handicaps with a difference of 17 hours. Spirit of Helsinki won its own class (Sayula) brightly. The Finns spent 179 days, 18 hours, 32 minutes, and 45 seconds on the competition. The end of the sailing race also means that Tommi Uksila is back at the helm of Climecon.

Vent. X tips – adding obstacles

Obstacles in the path of the air flow affect the throw patterns of the air terminal devices. By modeling the obstacles in the space, their effect on the throw pattern of the selected air terminal device and the air movement can be studied. This information helps to choose the right air terminal devices for the space and to place them optimally so for example, the airflow turning down from the barrier does not cause draft problems.

EPD-calculated and responsible products for residential ventilation

The products of the LINE and RINO selections now have EPD environmental product declarations. Ventilation products with a carbon footprint are now also available for architects, interior designers, and people building and renovating their own house. Preference for sustainable development has been a rising trend for several years, and it is clearly continuing.

What is often asked about environmental product declarations?

The environmental statement or EPD provides a clear summary of the product’s life cycle assessment. EPD information is presented in a standardized way, which makes it easier to compare different products. Use the guidance below to ensure you are reading the EPD correctly.

LINE valves come first in the European Product Design Award competition

Our contribution to Nordic design has been recognized globally since LINE valves received a gold medal for the best HVAC product in the design competition. The European Product Design Award™ rewards international product and industrial designers. The competition’s international jury evaluates the design based on innovation, aesthetics, functionality, durability, and usefulness.

The final sprint of the Ocean Globe race begins

The Spirit of Helsinki boat sailed the third leg of the Ocean Globe Race from Auckland in New Zealand to Punta del Este in South America. The crew landed in Uruguay on Friday a week ago. The boat arrived at the stage harbour in second place after a tough race, as the French boat Pen Duick VI arrived already on Wednesday. The race’s third leg was the most challenging but a fantastic experience for many crew members. After participating, we received 12 new Finnish Southern Sea sailors and Cape Horn circumnavigators, including our CEO, Tommi Uksila. Climecon congratulates!

Repair construction products for ventilation

During this period, the share of renovation construction is increasing, and many operators are now investing in renovation construction. Shopping centers, business premises, schools, and educational institutions are repaired and fundamentally improved. At the same time, we want to improve indoor air conditions. Today’s criteria and requirement levels are at a higher level than before. Now, companies want to invest in a high-class indoor climate that is draft-free, noise-free, and works with a high mixing ratio without forgetting the appearance of the ventilation equipment.

Get to know: Ville Wallendahr, Director of Professional Kitchens

Commercial kitchens’ Superman Ville is our walking knowledge bank. He has answers to all questions related to ventilation in professional kitchens, and internal IT consulting, for example, is also possible when a colleague needs help. The powerhouse who is dedicated to commercial kitchen solutions always has a twinkle in his eye and is ready to help others.

Product development is more than just new products

Renewal and continuous product development are our thing. We have invested in them throughout the company’s history because we want to offer the industry’s most innovative and human-centric solutions. For us, this means that the products are always high quality, energy-efficient, and responsible, but they are also stylish and easy to install.

New features for the ECO series of passive houses

The ECO-T room controller just got new features. Now, you can set a maximum temperature and a PIN code to restrict access to the settings. Passive houses enable the use of smart and energy-efficient solutions for heating. ECO valves have an integrated heating element to heat the incoming air. ECO heaters are mostly controlled with the ECO-T room controller. The room controller optimizes the air heating energy consumption according to the desired room temperature.

Climecon’s roof hoods are EPD verified

At Climecon, we invest in ensuring that our customers have reliable information about the environmental effects of our products. That’s why the OTSO and KONTIO product families are now EPD-verified. Life cycle calculation is part of our long-term responsibility work, which we work towards continuously. “What is promised is kept.”

Spirit of Helsinki finish the second leg

Spirit of Helsinki and our CEO, Tommi Uksila, sailed on Tuesday last week to the finish line in Auckland, New Zealand, and cleared the demanding South Sea. They arrived at the finish as the fastest boat in their class and the third boat in the second leg. This leg was the most challenging of the entire race, and they faced many challenges. The boat took big hits from the waves and even tore the sails. Spirit of Helsinki won the Line Honors award on the first leg by arriving first at the finish line.

Get to know: Director of air terminal devices business Pekka Huhtela

This time, we get to know our air terminal devices business Director, Pekka Huhtela, who has also worked in Climecon for a long time. Pekka, originally from Oulu, located in Northern Finland, is involved in the entire chain when innovating and developing new products. He meets many clients, and with a “serious, but not serious” attitude, meetings are taken care of, for example, in the Padel court.

Black Friday: Advanced ventilation solutions in black

Climecon’s black air terminal devices have been widely used in stylish destinations worldwide, but did you know that all our professional kitchen hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions are also available in black? In the spirit of Black Friday, we will tell you more about our black products in this article.

Get to know: Our new sustainability expert Emma Piha

In the summer, Climecon got a new addition to its team when Emma Piha started as a sustainability expert. As the responsibility expert, she is responsible for the planning, development, and reporting of our responsibility work.

Spirit of Helsinki and Tommi first at the finish line on Leg 1

Climecon’s CEO, Tommi Uksila, participates in the Ocean Globe Race 2023 around the world. The journey commenced from Southampton, England, at the beginning of September, and the Finnish boat finished the first leg in Cape Town on Friday, 20th October. Spirit of Helsinki won the coveted Line Honours award by being the first to reach the finish line of the milestone. The team is first in their own class and second overall after counting the current scores. Spirit of Helsinki took about 40 days on the first leg of the Ocean Globe competition.