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Good indoor air does not spring up on its own. At Climecon, we know how to create a good indoor climate and how to implement it in practice. We are a forerunner in our field creating responsible and human-centric solutions that take into account the well-being of people, buildings and the environment. Good indoor climate belongs to all of us.

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With extremely good attitude

Clean indoor air does not spring up on its own – it is created with an uncompromising attitude.

We want to lead the way in our field by creating pioneering ideas through a new kind of indoor air design, because development comes above all from the power of working together.




Carbon neutral company

Repair construction products for ventilation

During this period, the share of renovation construction is increasing, and many operators are now investing in renovation construction. Shopping centers, business premises, schools, and educational institutions are repaired and fundamentally improved. At the same time, we want to improve indoor air conditions. Today’s criteria and requirement levels are at a higher level than before. Now, companies want to invest in a high-class indoor climate that is draft-free, noise-free, and works with a high mixing ratio without forgetting the appearance of the ventilation equipment.

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Get to know: Ville Wallendahr, Director of Professional Kitchens

Commercial kitchens’ Superman Ville is our walking knowledge bank. He has answers to all questions related to ventilation in professional kitchens, and internal IT consulting, for example, is also possible when a colleague needs help. The powerhouse who is dedicated to commercial kitchen solutions always has a twinkle in his eye and is ready to help others.

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Product development is more than just new products

Renewal and continuous product development are our thing. We have invested in them throughout the company’s history because we want to offer the industry’s most innovative and human-centric solutions. For us, this means that the products are always high quality, energy-efficient, and responsible, but they are also stylish and easy to install.

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