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Good indoor air does not spring up on its own. At Climecon, we know how to create a good indoor climate and how to implement it in practice. We are a forerunner in our field creating responsible and human-centric solutions that take into account the well-being of people, buildings and the environment. Good indoor climate belongs to all of us.

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Clean indoor air does not spring up on its own – it is created with an uncompromising attitude.

We want to lead the way in our field by creating pioneering ideas through a new kind of indoor air design, because development comes above all from the power of working together.




Carbon neutral company

NEW: Demand-controlled ventilation saves energy in professional kitchens

Climecon brings a new innovation to professional kitchen ventilation, which can reduce the energy consumption of kitchen ventilation by at least 50 %. OptiDemand DCKV technology, available in all Climecon hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions, provides demand-controlled ventilation for professional kitchens. Demand-controlled, intelligent ventilation saves energy, and employees always have optimal working conditions.

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Climecon’s emissions have decreased by 40% – or not?

This would make a good clickbait headline, but we want to tell you the truth. We have now calculated the environmental emissions of 2023. For several years, Climecon has been working actively to reduce the climate and environmental impacts caused by business operations.

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Vent.X tips – Throw pattern designer

In this article, we explain in more detail what is included in the Throw pattern designer tab. You can access the design of the throw pattern designer from the tabs in the Products front page. From the menus that open on the left side of the view, you can change the information of the device, room and throw patterns. Everything you need is easily in one view.

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