Ventilation in business premises

 Our ventilation equipment for business premises, shopping malls and stores is specifically designed for the needs of spaces with high ceilings and frequently changing space solutions. We offer a wide range of ventilation solutions for the needs of business premises.

A wide range of solutions for shopping malls, stores and business premises

Terminal devices

The terminal devices for business premises are designed to allow for ventilation to be implemented efficiently and without a feeling of draft.

Ventilation solutions for professional kitchens

Our selection includes purification solutions suitable for all sites from cafés to large restaurant kitchens.

Air purification solutions

We offer air purification solutions tailored to your needs with more than 30 years of experience.

Flexible terminal devices for business premises

Climecon’s flexible terminal devices are unique thanks to the adjustable nozzles, which leave the surface of the device smooth without gathering dust.

High mixing ratio without a feeling of draft

The air flow can be brought to the desired location without creating too high flow rates and with the best possible mixing ratio, even from considerable heights.

Furthermore, in premises with frequent layout changes, ventilation can be adapted flexibly with the changes due to the adaptability of the equipment.

Modular solutions for professional kitchens

Our ventilation solutions for professional kitchens include suitable equipment for all sites from large restaurants to tiny cafés.

We make sure that the user has an excellent working environment in terms of temperature, ventilation and lighting.

Versatile connectivity with building automation enables remote online monitoring.

Furthermore, our Finnish repair and maintenance personnel ensure customer support during the use of the equipment.


High-quality air purification solutions

We are the Finnish market leader in air purification and offer a wide range of products for e.g., indoor air purification, air filtration and the removal of microbes and impurities from air.

In the cafés, restaurants and food courts of shopping malls, deodorizing air purification solutions can be used in addition to the professional kitchen hoods to neutralize strong odours from cooking.