Our professional kitchen solutions

Our solutions meet even the toughest requirements in terms of cleanability, fire safety, user comfort and efficiency. On top of all this, we have not overlooked stunning design.

Top-class solutions for professional kitchens

Air purification efficiency, fire safety and good working conditions guide the development of our professional kitchen solutions.

We have also developed equipment designed for the special requirements of professional kitchens for air purification, odor neutralization and general kitchen ventilation.

Almost 100% purification efficiency

The air purification efficiency of our devices can reach over 98% in professional kitchens. We combine state-of-the-art technology and different purification techniques to achieve the best results.

Differences in air purification technologies for professional kitchens

We offer high-quality solutions for various professional and industrial kitchens to purify the air from impurities, grease generated from cooking and heat and water vapor generated by kitchen equipment. We have the right solution for each kitchen to achieve a good indoor climate and good working conditions.

The air purification system can be tailored to be just right for every kitchen by combining our equipment with different purification technologies. Our modular range of hoods means that the hoods can be combined to use the same capture air mode.





The CleanMaster® range is designed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding professional kitchens in terms of hygiene and energy efficiency – not forgetting usability!

The only four-tier purification system on the market combines the best features of mechanical filtration, two different UV wavelengths and ozonation.

CleanMaster® Retrofit is a UV purification system designed for existing hoods that offers the benefits of CleanMaster® technology.

MistMaster® is a safe and high-quality hood with cold water mist function, especially to be used with open fire and charcoal grill appliances. It has been developed for the fire-safe handling of smoke and sparks.

Ultrafine water mist of MistMaster hood suppresses flames and sparks, separates soot, and considerably lowers the extract air temperature.


StandardPlus is designed to meet the requirements of today’s professional kitchens and facilitate the daily work of kitchen staff.

StandardPlus Condensate
is a range of hoods designed for dishwashing, the devices in which efficiently collect condensate and extra heat in both small and large spaces.

Standard hoods form a freely dimensionable range of products that collects the heat and moisture load in the air.

The devices can be equipped with a lamp and an exhaust air terminal device designed for professional kitchens.

Standard hoods are also suitable for the extraction of heat, moisture or air impurities.


Institutional and preparation kitchens, restaurants, hotels, fast food


Kitchens with open fire and charcoal appliances


Small kitchens, cafés, bakeries


Kitchens, industrial and other facilities where local exhaust ventilation is required

Air impurities

Normal/high grease production

Air impurities

Flames, sparks, soot

Air impurities

Normal/low grease production, water vapor

Air impurities

Heat, moisture, chemicals and dust

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Top-class features

OptiLumo – lights for professional kitchen conditions

The hood lights are perfect for professional kitchens and exceed the requirements of even the most critical kitchen professionals. The high-quality glare-free LED lights provide lighting particularly suitable for kitchens and a color temperature ideal for cooking.

EasyCare – effortless cleaning

Our hoods are equipped with easily detachable EasyCare supply air grilles for quick cleaning by wiping or washing in the dishwasher. The grilles are designed without nooks that could gather dirt.

AirBoost – no heat or air impurities in the working area

The unique AirBoost technology prevents heat and air impurities from spreading to working areas. It has been designed with the help of advanced CFD modeling.

Integration into building automation

Our hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions can be effortlessly integrated into building automation, allowing their operation to be monitored and regulated in real time as part of the property’s other building services solutions.

Advanced UV purification technology

The different UV wavelengths remove different-sized grease particles and other impurities from the air. In CleanMaster hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions, we use a combination of two different purifying wavelengths to achieve the best possible purification efficiency.

Black hoods are available

Our hoods and ventilation ceilings are available in black. No paint or coating is used in the blackening process, but the hygienic and durable finish is produced by chemically treating the steel.

OptiDemand – demand controlled ventilation for professional kitchen

With the innovative DCKV technology, ventilation in commercial kitchens can be adjusted according to the degree of use and need. Ventilation can be controlled and made more efficient on a workstation-by-workstation basis so that energy is not wasted. The efficiency of exhaust air purification, good working conditions, and energy efficiency guide the development of our professional kitchen solutions.

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The durable choice

Our hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions are made from high-quality and durable materials from the start.

The good air purification performance and easy maintenance and cleaning keep the equipment in full working order for several decades without any extensive refurbishment.

Our skilled staff is at your service

We offer comprehensive design services for large professional kitchens, ensuring not only functional ventilation solutions for a professional kitchen but also good working conditions regarding lighting.

Need help designing the ventilation for your professional kitchen?


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