Air purification solutions

We are the Finnish market leader in air purification solutions. Our selection covers a wide range of solutions for industrial needs, indoor air purification and deodorization. We also provide high-quality filters to remove dust, odors, gases and microbes from the air – with the support services of a domestic operator.

Air purification solutions tailored to your needs

We design and manufacture individually dimensioned air purifiers, the operation of which is based on the so-called dry scrubbing technology. The materials of the filter components and the quantity and quality of filter media are chosen based on the composition and concentrations of impurities in the air. The reliable technology we use has so far been used to implement several thousand systems for offices, laboratories, electrical facilities, computer centers and various deodorization solutions for professional kitchens, to name a few.

Over 30 years of experience

We have more than 30 years of experience in ventilation, and we are the Finnish market leader in air purification solutions. The reliable technology we use has so far been used to implement several hundred air purification systems. We make sure to provide the most sensible solutions for each site, both functionally and financially. Our experts will be happy to help you with questions related to indoor air purity at the workplace or industrial facilities.

Indoor air purification solutions

In such places as cities, industrial municipalities and along highways, comfortable and healthy indoor air can only be achieved through chemical air purification, which removes both harmful gaseous and particulate impurities from the air.

Air purification systems recirculate the indoor air of industrial facilities, office buildings, etc., and the purifiers are selected according to the quantity and composition of air impurities.

Climecon offers effective solutions for air purification and neutralization of kitchen odors. Furthermore, our services include repair and maintenance of the equipment, and we always choose the most suitable system for the site.

Deodorization solutions

Industrial plants, wastewater treatment plants, composting plants, machinery powered by internal combustion engines and the handling and storage of chemicals generate a wide range of odors and gases into the surrounding air. These emissions can be bothersome or unhealthy, especially for nearby work premises and residential areas.

In addition to hoods and ceiling ventilation, restaurants, canteens and preparation kitchens can utilize air purifiers to neutralize odors in the exhaust air. Smoking and grilling food and the use of strong spices in cooking generate disturbing odors in the surrounding buildings, work premises and residential areas, which are easy to filter out.

The emissions can be purified of any harmful and odor-generating impurities with chemical air purification.


Air purification in the process industry

Our air purifiers are designed for very demanding conditions to protect electronics and electrical equipment from malfunctions. Particular attention has been paid to structural materials and the tightness of structures.

The modular air purifiers can be equipped with one or more chemical filtration stages, as well as pre- and post-filters. Each solution is always designed according to the conditions and special requirements of the site.

Check out the brochure on our air purification solutions for special facilities.

Chemical air purification in professional kitchens

The air purification of professional kitchens can be made more efficient with chemical air purification solutions. If the kitchen uses a lot of spices or fat, odors in the exhaust air can be neutralized with our solutions developed for this purpose.


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