Better indoor air with human-centric design and an uncompromising attitude

We are Climecon, a responsible forerunner in indoor air design. With our indoor air design, we take a holistic approach to the well-being of people, buildings, and the environment. We design our solutions and products in a human-centric way, taking into account the perspective and needs of different users.

Our solutions are designed for the people

People are involved with indoor air throughout their lives. With our indoor air design, we take a holistic approach to the environment, people, spaces, processes, and products. We design our solutions and products space-specifically, taking into account the perspective and needs of different users.

Through our continuous development work, we are constantly creating better products that combine elegant Nordic design, state-of-the-art quality, and overall effortlessness. Our tested, high-quality products and skilled service are the foundation on which we build effective cooperation with our customers and partners. Our mission is to manufacture the world’s best ventilation solutions in Finland with air quality in mind – where the air is present, so are we.

We are particularly proud of our Finnish origin. We want to maintain our expertise, the uncompromising quality of our work, and the manufacture of our products in Finnish hands. We offer an inspiring work community and platform for development, where mutual trust is visible to our customers as an extremely good attitude and spirit of getting things done.

Climecon – the responsible partner for ventilation

We are developing smarter indoor air solutions and leading the way for the development of our industry. Only the Climecon spirit – courage, uncompromising attitude, and caring – will create responsible solutions that ensure the best indoor air in the world, now and in the future. We are one of the first carbon-neutral companies in Finland. We make sure that what we do today will build a responsible future.


Our values


Courage leads to innovation and the development of new solutions. The Climecon brand of courage comes from trust in our expertise and rock-solid skills. We are driven forward by ambition and the courage to take a vanguard role.

Uncompromising attitude

We want to lead the way for the entire industry by producing new information, innovative solutions and new types of services with an uncompromising attitude. We do not leave our customers on their own. Instead, we follow through with quality. What we promise, we keep.


Caring is about taking care of customers, employees, partners and the environment. With responsible choices, we create a sustainable tomorrow.

Our way

Extremely good attitude

The secret to the Climecon spirit and success is an extremely good attitude. We are our employees, our customers and our environment. We always do what we promise, without forgetting to keep a twinkle in our eyes.

solutions and services

We want to offer the smartest solutions possible

With advanced ventilation solutions, we create an indoor climate where everyone can live and breathe at ease. We develop our industry by actively producing new research information and innovations. Our goal is to always exceed expectations.

advanced technology and quality

We do not compromise on the quality of our products

The technology, components and materials of our products are carefully selected and durable. Our products are easy to install and maintain and have precision control. Years of experience and research knowledge combined with our present-day product development expertise are our guarantee for technical superiority.

Usability and design

Design is about a lot more than appearance

Our products combine a stylish design with ease of use during the product’s lifecycle. We do product design in collaboration with professionals of design and architecture.


Design solutions for ventilation

With solutions developed in cooperation with architects and new materials for ventilation, top-class building technology and interior design can be combined. Our selected air terminal devices are designed in Finland in a professional, responsible and user-oriented manner, for which we have been awarded the Design from Finland mark.

Our carbon neutrality work

We are committed to determining our greenhouse gas emissions, implementing emission reduction measures and compensating for any unavoidable emissions from our operations. We will continue our emission reduction and reporting work in accordance with the international protocol in the future as well.

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Nordic design and quality

Simplicity and high-end design that is meant to last for generations to come is at the core of our solutions. Trust and dignity, quintessential to the Nordic mentality, are present at every step of our operations.