Swing House looks to qualify for the international WELL v2 ™ Gold level quality rating for construction. The qualification aims to improve not only the building’s health but also the well-being of people working in it. The ventilation-related measurements of the classification include high-quality indoor air, thermal comfort of the premises, pleasant acoustics, and sound environment, as well as safe and healthy materials for indoor air.

The demanding qualification criteria were also reflected in ventilation devices choices. Many of our supply air terminal devices that can be found in Swing have flat nozzles and a directional throw pattern. They contribute to meeting the requirements for good air distribution, controlled noise levels, cleanliness, and comfort.

The appearance of the equipment also weighed in as a selection criterion

The modern and harmonious interior look of the property has been created with effort in detail. The surface-mounted VIVA design diffusers were chosen for Swing, as the site’s architect and interior designer aimed for wall diffusers with a twist. “High-quality air terminal unit with adjustable throw pattern and good appearance. I would recommend it wall-diffuser when you want to invest in appearance”, describes, the site’s ventilation design director Vikke Niskanen, when asked for an opinion on VIVA design diffusers.

The versatile building covers many different uses: office space, hotel, gym, lobby, and meeting rooms, as well as dining areas. The office building’s lunch restaurant serving employees and visitors is equipped with Climecon hoods.


Vikke Niskanen, Granlund


Toni Jaatinen, Are