EPD-calculated and responsible products for residential ventilation

The products of the LINE and RINO selections now have EPD environmental product declarations. Ventilation products with a carbon footprint are now also available for architects, interior designers, and people building and renovating their own house. Preference for sustainable development has been a rising trend for several years, and it is clearly continuing.

In building services engineering, there is a general need to combine visual looks, responsibility and technical performance. Although climate impacts are a substantial part of responsibility, it also means, for example, understanding the origin of the materials and the manufacturing conditions of the product. Interior design professionals and architects can use the information regarding emission calculations in their work, and guide the customer in making responsible choices.

“Although environmental reports are important for customer-oriented business, they also bring us many lessons. With the help of EPD’s life cycle assessment, we can identify ways to improve our operations and thus reduce the carbon footprint of the products,” commented Emma Piha, a responsibility expert. Our measures focus on sustainable raw material choices, optimizing production, minimizing waste material, streamlining logistics, and favoring local partners.

The possibilities of new materials were taken into account in the development of the LINE collection from the very beginning, and sustainability was especially important in decision-making. After consideration, Accoya pine was chosen as one the materials, in addition to opal glass and traditional painted steel. Accoya® offers the construction industry an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative. The raw wood is obtained from sustainably cultivated, certified pine forests. LINE Accoya is also a carbon-neutral product.

Nordic products for interior decoration

Our selected air terminal devices are designed in Finland in a professional, responsible and user-oriented manner, for which we have been awarded the Design from Finland mark. All our products have already been awarded the Key Flag symbol. The materials, raw materials and subcontracted components and services used in our products come from Finland.


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Vent.X tips – Effect of temperature on the throw pattern

In many cases, the purpose of the supply air is to either cool or heat the room. Cooling with supply air can be considered common in many spaces. Heating, on the other hand, is most typical in different types of high spaces, such as sports facilities, shopping centers or industrial halls.

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Get to know: Teppo Soini production director of the factories

At the Kausala factory, you can find Climecon employees with long careers in our company. For example, Teppo Soini, the superman of the factories, is one of them. For almost 18 years, he has been in many roles at the factory and in product development. At the moment, he works as a production director, who ensures that the factories work as they should and that production is rolling. His area of ​​responsibility includes the production of the factories in Kausala and Pihtipudas.

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NEW: Demand-controlled ventilation saves energy in professional kitchens

Climecon brings a new innovation to professional kitchen ventilation, which can reduce the energy consumption of kitchen ventilation by at least 50 %. OptiDemand DCKV technology, available in all Climecon hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions, provides demand-controlled ventilation for professional kitchens. Demand-controlled, intelligent ventilation saves energy, and employees always have optimal working conditions.

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