Our air terminal devices have received the Design from Finland label

Products and services bearing the “Design from Finland” mark have been designed in Finland in a professional, responsible, and user-oriented manner. The label can be awarded to companies investing in Finnish product design. All our products are designed and manufactured in Finland at factories in Kausala and Pihtipudas, while sales, marketing, and customer service are based in Helsinki.

Solutions developed in cooperation with architects

We have a long history of collaborating with architects and interior designers on product development projects. For example, the LINE valves were developed as part of the interior design in collaboration with interior designer Minna Haapakoski, and the VIVA wall diffuser with interior architect Teemu Saukkonen. The lightweight suspended ceiling diffuser HALO was developed based on the views of the Soini & Horto architects’ team. The products have also been designed using Finnish industrial design principles.

The materials, raw materials, and subcontracted components and services used in our products come from Finland. In addition to the structural elements, Finnish expertise predominantly manufactures the intelligent components that operate our products. We have already been awarded the Key Flag Symbol.

Design from Finland label products:

  • LINE
  • RINO
  • FINO
  • VIVA
  • SAGA
  • HALO
  • ROX


LINE valves come first in the European Product Design Award competition

Our contribution to Nordic design has been recognized globally since LINE valves received a gold medal for the best HVAC product in the design competition. The European Product Design Award™ rewards international product and industrial designers. The competition’s international jury evaluates the design based on innovation, aesthetics, functionality, durability, and usefulness.

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The final sprint of the Ocean Globe race begins

The Spirit of Helsinki boat sailed the third leg of the Ocean Globe Race from Auckland in New Zealand to Punta del Este in South America. The crew landed in Uruguay on Friday a week ago. The boat arrived at the stage harbour in second place after a tough race, as the French boat Pen Duick VI arrived already on Wednesday. The race’s third leg was the most challenging but a fantastic experience for many crew members. After participating, we received 12 new Finnish Southern Sea sailors and Cape Horn circumnavigators, including our CEO, Tommi Uksila. Climecon congratulates!

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Repair construction products for ventilation

During this period, the share of renovation construction is increasing, and many operators are now investing in renovation construction. Shopping centers, business premises, schools, and educational institutions are repaired and fundamentally improved. At the same time, we want to improve indoor air conditions. Today’s criteria and requirement levels are at a higher level than before. Now, companies want to invest in a high-class indoor climate that is draft-free, noise-free, and works with a high mixing ratio without forgetting the appearance of the ventilation equipment.

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