The design professional behind VIVA – Teemu Saukkonen

As a result of a joint product development project between a renowned interior architect Teemu Saukkonen and Climecon, VIVA diffusers were created. The collection offers architect designers a solution for visually finishing modern sites with ventilation products – without compromising on excelling indoor air conditions.

Architecture and building services are conventionally seen as separate areas of a building or a renovation project but Saukkonen calls for stronger cooperation between different expert groups and a strong emphasis on the visual design of premises. “The appearance of air terminal devices plays a big role in the result. Personally, technical solutions should be taken into consideration right from the beginning and should be part of the overall planning,” says Saukkonen.

Cooperation between design professionals and indoor air experts

Two different areas of expertise, interior architecture, and ventilation, were brought together during the product development of VIVA diffusers. The appearance of the collection is a craft of the interior architecture company Saukkonen + Partners, and the technical operation was carried out by Climecon.

“The process ran smoothly, and we were carefully listened to. We came up with a strong concept of what the product should look like and Climecon made an expert contribution to the execution in terms of ventilation technology,” Saukkonen describes the cooperation. The successful combination of expertise from two distinct fields is reflected in the final result. “Not only visually great but also a top product in terms of technical solutions!”

Collection of VIVA design diffusers

Suitable for modern architectural design, VIVA’s are minimalistic diffusers with evenly spaced vanes on the front grille, available in matte-coated white, silver-gray, and black. “It is a streamlined architectural product line that can be dimensioned so that the site is also visually finished in terms of ventilation equipment,” Saukkonen sums up.

Existing ductwork and structural solutions often affect how building technology is visible to users of the space and they often limit the possibilities for visual designing. As a solution, Saukkonen explains how the game-changing feature of the surface-mounted VIVA is the scalability of streamlined devices. The line of devices can be extended with the help of blind grille parts into a harmonious entity. In this way, identical devices for supply and exhaust air can also be brought into the space as a seemingly single whole.

The flush-mounted VIVA responds to architects’ desire to immerse technology in the surfaces. The front of the vanes reaches the wall surface level, and the plaster frame ensures a clean, continuous line of mortar right up to the verge of the wall opening. “VIVA is suitable for use when you want an uncompromisingly great result,” Saukkonen concludes.

High-class design and engineering expertise around the world

Saukkonen’s goal is to offer high-quality Scandinavian design to customers everywhere. “VIVA collection offers designers a new tool to finish spaces both visually and technically. In my opinion, the product is exceptionally fine in its own genre, one that completes the sites,” sums up Saukkonen about VIVA’s international demand.

Get to know VIVA

Teemu Saukkonen heads Saukkonen + Partners’ interior architecture company. The company has designed hundreds of properties from detached houses to retail premises and offices both in Finland and abroad. In his work, Saukkonen enjoys challenges as well as solving technical and visual issues for clients who understand the importance of high-quality and complete design.


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