Spirit of Helsinki and Tommi first at the finish line on Leg 1

Climecon’s CEO, Tommi Uksila, participates in the Ocean Globe Race 2023 around the world. The journey commenced from Southampton, England, at the beginning of September, and the Finnish boat finished the first leg in Cape Town on Friday, 20th October. Spirit of Helsinki won the coveted Line Honours award by being the first to reach the finish line of the milestone. The team is first in their own class and second overall after counting the current scores. Spirit of Helsinki took about 40 days on the first leg of the Ocean Globe competition.

Spirit of Helsinki sails in the race in the Sayula Class in Ocean Globe circumnavigation of the world. Spirit of Helsinki, formerly Fazer Finland, finished third in the Whitbread race in 1985–1986.

“We had a good spirit of doing things all the time, everyone helped and encouraged each other. You can go far alone, but together you get there – sailing is teamwork at its best.”

Tommi Uksila

The Ocean Globe Race 2023 is a retro competition inspired by the 1973 Whitbread Round the World race. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the original event. The race is a 27,000-mile sprint around the globe. It is divided into four legs, with Cape Town, Auckland, and Punta del Este in Uruguay serving as milestone ports.

Racing boats designed before 1988 are free of computers, satellite connections, GPS, and high-tech materials. The competition only allows the use of sextants, nautical charts, compasses, and team spirit in this tough race. The contestants are true heroes who push each other to the limit and beyond!


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