Safe working conditions in professional kitchens require optimal lighting

The role of lighting in a professional kitchen is significant for occupational safety and as a comfort factor for employees. It is governed by the international indoor lighting standard EN 12464, which regulates the threshold values of lighting in terms of glare, color reproduction, and lighting adequacy. The standard has also guided the product development of OptiLumo – Climecon’s luminaire for professional kitchens.

Glare-free and even lighting

Good light output is a critical factor when handling sharp tools or hot devices. In addition to sufficient lighting, uniformity of lighting and freedom from glare are essential for the kitchen staff. When the light is evenly distributed on the workstation and does not dazzle, even a long working day will not strain the eyes.

OptiLumo is integrated into the roof of the hood or into the CKV component of a ventilation ceiling. Its ingenious optics distribute the light evenly onto the working area. In accordance with the indoor lighting standard, the UGR index indicating glare-freeness for OptiLumo is 22, the lighting of the work area is Etask 750 lux, the uniformity of the lighting is 0.6 U0 (Emin /Em) and the direct lighting is 500 lux.

Color rendering designed for kitchen conditions

When creating restaurant dishes, presentation and appearance play at least as important a role as taste. Color reproduction affects how warm or cold the colors of the environment are reproduced. In terms of working, the ideal lighting reproduces rich and authentic-looking colors, and in terms of working conditions, the optimal color reproduction is easy on the eyes.

DiaLUX lighting simulation as part of the professional kitchen design service

At Climecon, we know not only the ventilation of a professional kitchen, but also the lighting. We offer a lighting simulation made with the DiaLUX software for large projects. Simulation is a reliable way to make sure of the sites compliance and good working conditions.

OptiLumo luminaire for professional kitchens

  • 10-year warranty
  • IP65 class insulation
  • For hoods and ventilation ceilings
  • Dimensioned according to the size of the hood

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The carbon dioxide emissions of the OLO series have been reduced by up to 23%

Sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices guide everything we do. That’s why our product development strives to reduce the carbon footprint of our products whenever possible. Such measures include, for example, changing the product and packaging materials to more environmentally friendly ones, optimizing the use of materials, and optimizing the use of water and energy in manufacturing. Our OLO diffusers are a perfect example of environmentally friendly product development.

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Climecon’s CEO is taking part in a round-the-world sailing trip

Climecon is known for its “getting things done”-attitude, but sometimes it’s time to take a break. Climecon CEO Tommi Uksila will participate in the Ocean Globe Race 2023 sailing competition around the world. During Tommi’s sailing, Mikko Erikson, head of the sales team and head of the air purification business, will act as the CEO’s deputy. Mikko has been in the Climecon team for a long time and is certainly a familiar face to many. Tommi’s absence does not cause changes in Climecon’s services or operations.

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Our work as carbon neutral company

Our economy and society are still built on nature. For this reason, the contribution of the whole society is needed to prevent climate change and to protect biodiversity. At Climecon, we want to be involved in solving climate challenges, and we have been a carbon-neutral company since 2020. That’s what we are this year too. However, the work against climate change continues, and we want to take steps toward an even more responsible operation.

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