Responsible design solutions in ventilation – Experience them at the Climecon´s FinnBuild booth

With solutions developed in cooperation with architects and new materials for ventilation, top-class building technology and interior design can be combined. At Climecon’s FinnBuild booth 6d60, fair visitors can experience how ventilation solutions can be implemented with style, without compromising on environmental issues.

The LINE series brings carbon-neutral options and new materials to ventilation

The new LINE collection of supply and exhaust air valves for residential ventilation are available in never-before-seen materials such as Accoya wood and opal glass, in addition to painted steel. The valves can be adapted to the style of your own home with the help of the LINEb customization part. The Accoya pine used in the valves is high-quality material. The raw wood is sourced from sustainably cultivated, certified pine forests. The wooden LINEs are the first carbon-neutral ventilation valves.

LINE was developed as part of the interior in collaboration with interior designer Minna Haapakoski. The minimalist design of the round and square-shaped valves is timeless and easy to apply. We developed the technical operation of the products. The valves, which ensure quiet and draft-free ventilation, are proven not to leave a ring of dirt that accumulates around the device. This is an important feature for the cleanliness of the apartment.

Diffusers developed in collaboration with architects

We have a long history of product development projects carried out in cooperation with architects. The light-constructed suspended ceiling diffuser HALO will be presented at the stand. Jaakko Hassi and his team from Architects Soini & Horto designed the appearance of the diffuser. We realized the technical side of the device.

The streamlined wall diffuser VIVA can be mounted in a unified row, you can see an example in the “doorway” of our department. Identical supply and exhaust air diffusers and the blind parts placed are visually aligned. In this way, the entire space will look harmonious and the ventilation works.

VIVA’s design was created by the award-winning interior architect Teemu Saukkonen. Climecon transformed the design into a top-class ventilation device. VIVA’s design earned an honorable mention in the international European Product Design Awards design competition.


Vent.X tips – Throw pattern designer

In this article, we explain in more detail what is included in the Throw pattern designer tab. You can access the design of the throw pattern designer from the tabs in the Products front page. From the menus that open on the left side of the view, you can change the information of the device, room and throw patterns. Everything you need is easily in one view.

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Get to know: Customer service star Suvi Erola

Our customer service has two outstanding professionals, one of whom we will now present. Sales Coordinator Suvi has been an important part of Climecon’s sales team for about fifteen years. Always a cheerful personality is a very much liked colleague who also ensures everything is always in order at the office. In addition, this woman never runs out of humor.

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Why are lifecycle-calculated building services solutions needed?

The new Building Act will take into account the lifecycle impacts of buildings. This also includes the impacts of the manufacturing of construction products and their end-of-life waste treatment. A carbon footprint must be calculated for the project to obtain a building permit. Therefore, by choosing products with EPDs, contractee, designer, or contractor can easier fulfill the legal requirements.

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