New DINO model DINO-TH

Displacement devide DINO-TH is the newest member of DINO product family. 

DINO-TH is designed for premises where there are exceptionally high standards for sound level and air flow.

DINO-TH is available in duct sizes 160 and 200 and it´s sound level is quieter than in the standard DINO models. It’s throw length is also shorter, which means the protection zone is smaller. DINO-TH is particularly suitable for use in spaces such as classrooms and auditoriums, where people might sit near a displacement device.

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What is often asked about environmental product declarations?

The environmental statement or EPD provides a clear summary of the product’s life cycle assessment. EPD information is presented in a standardized way, which makes it easier to compare different products. Use the guidance below to ensure you are reading the EPD correctly.

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LINE valves come first in the European Product Design Award competition

Our contribution to Nordic design has been recognized globally since LINE valves received a gold medal for the best HVAC product in the design competition. The European Product Design Award™ rewards international product and industrial designers. The competition’s international jury evaluates the design based on innovation, aesthetics, functionality, durability, and usefulness.

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The final sprint of the Ocean Globe race begins

The Spirit of Helsinki boat sailed the third leg of the Ocean Globe Race from Auckland in New Zealand to Punta del Este in South America. The crew landed in Uruguay on Friday a week ago. The boat arrived at the stage harbour in second place after a tough race, as the French boat Pen Duick VI arrived already on Wednesday. The race’s third leg was the most challenging but a fantastic experience for many crew members. After participating, we received 12 new Finnish Southern Sea sailors and Cape Horn circumnavigators, including our CEO, Tommi Uksila. Climecon congratulates!

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