Good News from Climecon’s Marine Business

Climecon has developed together with world’s leading cruise ship kitchen manufacturer SeaKing the series of hoods for TUI’s new cruise ships. The series of hoods is based on Demand Based Ventilation Technology and the most advanced UV technology available in the market. The hoods include demand based automatic wash system, that is integrated inside the hoods.

The demand based ventilation means that the the exhaust air is only used when needed. The intelligent system monitors the action and loads of the kitchen. Based on this information, the exhaust air and UV units are automatically turned on or off. In addition the solution is very easy to maintain and it saves a a lot of energy.

The utilization rate of kitchens in the cruise ships is usually very high. When the utilization rate is high, the accumulation of cooking grease on the inner surfaces of the hoods and the exhaust air ducts increases. Climecon´s purification solutions that use the combined effect of ultraviolet light and ozone keep the ducts clean and grease does not accumulate in the exhaust air ducts. In addition to the automated wash system keeps the surfaces clean that are not covered with the UV light. This means that the hoods developed for TUI’s cruise ships fullfill even the highest hygiene standards.


Responsible design solutions in ventilation – Experience them at the Climecon´s FinnBuild booth

With solutions developed in cooperation with architects and new materials for ventilation, top-class building technology and interior design can be combined. At Climecon’s FinnBuild booth 6d60, fair visitors can experience how ventilation solutions can be implemented with style, without compromising on environmental issues.

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Advanced technology, finished design, and responsibility are combined in the ventilation solutions at our FinnBuild fair stand

New products, tips for design and selection programs, the most stylish domestic ventilation solutions, and advanced technology are presented at our FinnBuild stand 6d60. Fair visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the long-term sustainability work of our carbon-neutral company. Additionally, our extremely good attitude doesn’t leave anyone cold – there is definitely something for everyone!

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What is required for safe fire extinguishing in professional kitchens?

We assembled the three core elements of fire safety in professional kitchen extinguishing systems: safe extinguishing agents, efficient fire extinguishing technology and reliable response. All of these have been taken into account in the development of FG Master extinguishing system, which is especially suitable for professional kitchens and for putting down grease fires.

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