Climecon’s roof hood chosen for the Hotel Manta

Hotel Manta is an unique pop-up-hotel built around the famous Havis Amanda statue at the Market Square, Helsinki.

Part of the programme of the Helsinki Festival, Hotel Manta of Helsinki is an art project by Japanese installation artist Tatzu Nishi.

Climecon’s stylish roof hood SISU was chosen for this trendy hotel.

Hotel Manta of Helsinki will be open to the public from 15 August to 12 October 2014.


Vent.X: New user interface for faster design

Improved user experience with streamlined features is at the core of the renewed Vent.X user interface. The new selection tool for air terminal devices is significantly faster and optimized for wide screens. This is to make working easier and reduces the need for scrolling.

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Corrosion-resistant air terminal devices for challenging conditions

Our high-quality products made of acid-proof and stainless steel are resistant to corrosion.

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EPD-verified hoods for sustainable kitchen projects

EPD verified hoods offer a solution, especially for sites where minimizing climate effects is sought after. Builders, designers, and other stakeholders get verified, unbiased information about the hoods’ carbon footprints along with a broad range of other environmental effects.

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