CleanMaster technology keeps Finnish kitchens clean

The latest issue (2/2014) of Finnish building journal Projektiuutiset introduces Climecon´s innovative CleanMaster® technology that increases the safety, cleanliness and energy-efficiency in professional kitchens.  

The article highlights that the hygiene requirements for preparation and production of food are high. In particular, ventilation has a key role. The grease accumulating in the exhaust air duct system poses a fire safety and hygiene risk in professional kitchens.

Kitchen ventilation solutions represent Climecon’s special expertise. Solutions have been developed and are tested in co-operation by the leaders of the industry in Finland and Germany.  Climecon’s CleanMaster® cleaning solution based on ultraviolet light and ozone synergy keep the ducts cleaner than older conventional methods. It is not only an option, but the solution, which is a pioneer in its field, the article points out.

The article introduces restaurant Zetor, one of the most traditional restaurants in the Helsinki city center, where Climecon’s hoods with UV technology has been in use for over 2 years. “When the grease does not accumulate in the exhaust ducts, there is less need for swemney sweeping and cleaning”, says the restaurant manager Niklas Wiedmer.

The benefits of the new generation CleanMaster technology utilizing UV light are best concretised in everyday work done in professional kitchens.

“The risk of fire is minimized and clean systems also reduce health risks as the sweeping of ducts and other large-scale cleaning is not necessarily needed. In general, a simple checking of the cleanliness of the duct system is sufficient”, says Tommi Uksila in the article.

When the grease chambers and ducts are clean, the kitchen exhaust air can be utilized in heat recovery ventilation (HRV), which can save thousands of euros a year.

“The investment pays for itself quickly”, states Uksila.


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