Black hoods complete restaurant interiors

Black hoods have been desired among restaurateurs for a long time, and now their wishes have been answered to. All Climecon hoods and ventilation ceilings are available in black. We presented the hoods in black at the FinnBuild fair.

In addition to efficient air purification, options are also required in terms of the appearance of professional kitchen ventilation solutions. This poses challenges for manufacturers. Climecon’s black air terminal devices have been widely used in stylish locations around the world, but now style with uncompromised performance is also available in commercial kitchens.

The durable blackening process is ideal for kitchens

No paint or coating is used for Climecon’s all-black hoods or ventilation ceilings, instead, the steel parts are blackened in a unique process. Kitchen ventilation solutions are made of stainless steel, which is suitable for the food industry due to its durability, hygiene factors, and fire safety. With blackening, the surface and shine of the steel remain as before, and the stylish result remains finished for a considerable time.

The durable blackening process is especially suitable for the high demands of professional kitchens, as no chemicals or degradable materials are allowed on the premises. The hoods and ventilation ceilings are factory-made black, so no time is spent e.g. covering or coating the equipment. “I see a huge potential in black hoods for increasingly popular open kitchens,” says Ville Wallendahr, business director of professional kitchen ventilation solutions at Climecon.


The carbon dioxide emissions of the OLO series have been reduced by up to 23%

Sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices guide everything we do. That’s why our product development strives to reduce the carbon footprint of our products whenever possible. Such measures include, for example, changing the product and packaging materials to more environmentally friendly ones, optimizing the use of materials, and optimizing the use of water and energy in manufacturing. Our OLO diffusers are a perfect example of environmentally friendly product development.

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Climecon’s CEO is taking part in a round-the-world sailing trip

Climecon is known for its “getting things done”-attitude, but sometimes it’s time to take a break. Climecon CEO Tommi Uksila will participate in the Ocean Globe Race 2023 sailing competition around the world. During Tommi’s sailing, Mikko Erikson, head of the sales team and head of the air purification business, will act as the CEO’s deputy. Mikko has been in the Climecon team for a long time and is certainly a familiar face to many. Tommi’s absence does not cause changes in Climecon’s services or operations.

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Our work as carbon neutral company

Our economy and society are still built on nature. For this reason, the contribution of the whole society is needed to prevent climate change and to protect biodiversity. At Climecon, we want to be involved in solving climate challenges, and we have been a carbon-neutral company since 2020. That’s what we are this year too. However, the work against climate change continues, and we want to take steps toward an even more responsible operation.

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