The new, expansive school chose Climecon’s flush-mounted TUISKU snow and rain covers with horizontal slats, ensuring that neither wind nor rain can interfere with the school’s ventilation. The site’s HVAC designer Vikke Niskanen (Granlund Oy) also endorses the flush-mounted TUISKU-VU snow and rain cover with horizontal slats, saying that it is very cool. According to Vikke, the flush mounting and horizontal slats make TUISKU-VU special, as architects usually prefer flush-mounted products. The masonry walls put some pressure on the appearance of the snow and rain covers, but the result proved that the snow and rain covers do not stand out even on a masonry wall.

For the school’s kitchen facilities, Climecon’s CleanMaster hoods were chosen, because the school building has a waterborne heat recovery system, which requires a particularly efficient degreasing system.

“Heat recovery is THE point achieved with CleanMaster.”

– HVAC Designer Vikke Niskanen, Granlund Oy

The easy “plug ‘n’ play” installation of CleanMaster hoods also received praise, so the design, installation and commissioning of the hoods has been made particularly easy. Vikke Niskanen also appreciated the contribution of Climecon’s design service in the design of the school’s kitchen hoods.

“The design service works well and there’s nothing to grumble about – just the opposite! You can always trust Climecon’s design service.”

– HVAC Designer Vikke Niskanen, Granlund Oy

Facilities that support the new learning concept at Rajatorppa School also require flexible solutions. Because of this, Climecon’s ROX nozzle ducts were chosen for the facilities.

Vikke Niskanen was very pleased with the choice, as the throw patterns of the ROX nozzle ducts can be redirected, which is an important feature in changing learning facilities.

HVAC Designer

Vikke Niskanen, Granlund Oy