Air purification services

In addition to our wide range of air purification solutions, we also offer comprehensive services. We offer analysis and maintenance services, as well as analysis, dimensioning and testing equipment for air purification needs.

Analysis services

Climecon Oy performs filter media life analyses, in which the wear of the chemical filter medium is monitored based on samples. The first sample of a new filter should be taken about 3–6 months after the filter has been put to use.

Filters that are already being monitored are sampled based on the previous test or previous media life history. The customers receive analysis reports of the results, which show when the filter media needs to be changed, among other things.

Maintenance services

Climecon Oy also offers repair and maintenance services for chemical air purifiers. The services are tailored according to the customer’s needs.

We also have analysis, testing and dimensioning software and hardware in use.

Corrosion test

A corrosion test is used to determine the air quality in a category according to the ISA standard. This allows for the reliable identification of the problem and its magnitude.

The test can also be used to identify the functionality of existing air purification systems. Continuous testing at regular intervals ensures a level of air quality that provides permanent protection against the corrosion of electronics.


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