Property’s condition information always available, wherever you are

Climecon’s MyAir Cloud Service utilizes information measured by wireless IoT sensors and gathers all the information on the property’s ventilation, indoor climate conditions and building pressure ratios in one place.

In the browser-based MyAir cloud service, the property’s information is quickly and easily available to housing company representatives or professional users. The MyAir cloud service makes it possible to monitor the indoor climate conditions of a property thanks to wireless and smart valves and wireless sensors installed in the property.

In the past, the measurement and control of ventilation or the investigation of problem situations has been a long-term job that requires professional skills and experience. Now, thanks to the MyAir cloud service, you can see the ventilation of your property in one address. The system provides a condition report and long-term measurement data for all measured values specific to each property/stairwell/blower, as well as to each apartment and valve.

Reports and measurement data

With wireless measurement services becoming more common, the analysis and reporting of measurement data for various property management tasks has also become more common. Easily accessible measurement data and reports speed up property reporting and make it easier to locate problems.

In the MyAir cloud service, you can print a condition report that allows you to quickly get an overview of the status of the property’s ventilation or receive an automatic alert about ventilation problems directly to your phone. There is long-term measurement data at your disposal when planning the lifecycle and maintenance of the building.

Alerts and notifications

Long-term indoor climate problems can be a burden on property structures and cause both structural damage and uncomfortable conditions for the occupant in the long run. For this reason, the Decree on Housing Health provides limit values for all indoor climate measurements, values higher or lower of which require a response from the property owner.

In the MyAir cloud service, limit values for important indoor climate measurements can be monitored without large resource requirements. In our cloud service, the limit values for the measurement data are built on the basis of the Decree on Housing Health. Measurement data with values higher or lower than the limit values can be sent from the cloud service to the service person in charge of the property or a ventilation professional either as a notification or an acute alert. Thanks to the system, every alert and notification can be pinpointed quickly and maintenance activities can be targeted efficiently.

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