Improving ventilation in homes and housing companies

Smart exhaust ventilation reduces the energy consumed by ventilation and adapts to your life. The MyAir ventilation system takes care of healthy and functional ventilation on your behalf.

Satisfied users

We used a survey to find out residents’ satisfaction with the ventilation before and after installing MyAir. These changes were reported by the residents of the survey site after the installation of MyAir:

  • Stuffiness has disappeared from all apartments
  • The spread of odors from one apartment to another has decreased considerably
  • The feeling of draft in the apartments has disappeared
  • Laundry dries faster
  • Surfaces and windows no longer fog up
  • Improved ventilation: Satisfaction with the ventilation has clearly increased

Improving ventilation without renovation

The biggest advantage of solutions built on IoT platforms in old properties is the ease of installation. The implementation of a wireless system does not require a major renovation or repair project, although the system can be designed in connection with one.

Your property’s leap to modern building services can start with ventilation. Demand controlled ventilation can be installed in your property in a day, as no structural change is required. To modernize the ventilation, it is enough to replace the old valve with a new, smart MyAir valve.

Healthy and safe indoor air is for everyone

The indoor air of a home has a significant impact on the well-being and health of residents. Poor indoor air and inefficient ventilation cause symptoms for both residents and the building. Unfortunately, ventilation problems often go undetected and unaddressed. They manifest themselves as indoor air problems only too late, causing multiplied repair costs for the housing company and its residents.

From these starting points, we combined our over three decades of experience in the ventilation industry with new technology. We developed the MyAir ventilation solution to automatically detect and solve indoor air problems in homes.

Savings for the housing company and residents

The MyAir system is an investment in the future. A demand-controlled ventilation system saves energy and reduces unnecessary service visits, reducing the housing company’s energy and maintenance costs. The reduced costs affect the residents of the housing company as reduced common charges, for example.

A healthy property and a modern ventilation system increase the value of the property.



MyAir valves are easy to keep clean

Cleaning of the valve keeps the measurement data accurate, and the valve stays in good working condition.

Vacuuming and wet wiping 1-2 times a year is enough for cleaning and can be done by the resident.

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