CleanMaster® Retrofit

CleanMaster® Retrofit is a modern UV cleaning system for existing hoods that can be easily retrofitted without major reconstructions. The system enables the advances of CleanMaster cleaning technology and energy saving potential in existing kitchens.


Cleaning technology

Four-step: ozone, UV-A, UV-C, mechanic filtering


EasyCare machine washable parts

Installation method


Retrofit enables utilizing the unique advantages of CleanMaster® technology in the existing hoods, alike heat recovery ventilation (HRV) from the exhaust ducts.

A masterpiece of engineering excellence, CleanMaster stands for the most advanced grease filtration rate and outstanding features for easy and safe usage in addition to a significantly high level of fire safety.

For well over three decades, CleanMaster has been continuously improved to even better answer to the needs of even the most demanding users in even the most extraordinary professional kitchens. CleanMaster is the choice of a true professional for commercial kitchens from Michelin star restaurants to food services, public facilities, and business premises.

When a high filtration rate, low maintenance costs, and high level of fire safety are sought after, the choice is CleanMaster.

Advanced four staged cleaning technology

CleanMaster uses the most advanced four staged cleaning technology resulting in clean grease chambers and ducts. CleanMaster contains tested and UV safety certified grease filters.

Mechanical filtration / impact filtration

Mechanical filtration efficiently filters out large grease particles resulting in the cooking process. The heavy particles are sieved out of the extract air traveling through a filter.


UV-C is a widely used, conventional “germicidal” cleaning technology. It works against micro-organisms, molds, fungi, and bacteria.

Vacuum UV

Vacuum UV is highly efficient in dissolving small grease particles into natural compounds, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water. In addition to traditional UV technology, vacuum UV provides an even higher extract air cleaning rate.


Ozone effectively oxidizes whatever little is left of the grease particles and deodorizes air.

Tested filters

The noise data, pressure loss, flame protection and separation degrees of hood filters are certified by Eurofins Expert Services/VTT Expert Services/DAkkS/UL (EUFI29-21002238-T1, EUFI29-21002238-T2, VTT-S-7826, VTT-CR- 04456, DAkkS_23368, UL-R39744).


CleanMaster Retrofit can be delivered as a turn key service. The system contains features for high class operation and easy usage.

  • Dual UV Kitchen Pro ultra violet lamps
  • A complete operational system
  • UV safety certified grease filters
  • SlideSafe security system
  • Installation framse

Product code

CleanMaster® RetroFit is ordered with two product codes. First, you choose the suitable filters based on the existing hoods.

After this, you choose the right kind of control unit based on the number of existing hoods to control the new CleanMaster® RetroFit hoods. For example, if there are three CleanMaster® hoods in use in the kitchen, the CCM-3 control unit is the most suitable choice for the number of hoods.