Balanced and demand controlled ventilation

MyAir is Climecon’s smart ventilation solution developed to automatically balance a centralized exhaust ventilation system. Accurate measurement data on the state of the ventilation and indoor climate generated by the system helps a professional check the state of the ventilation and detect any problems quickly and effortlessly.

Demand-controlled ventilation improves the energy efficiency of the property

The energy efficiency of ventilation can only be maximized with a demand-controlled operation. Demand-controlled ventilation and balancing are reflected in an estimated 10-20% reduction in energy consumption.

MyAir is the demand-controlled ventilation solution to manage mechanical exhaust air ventilation. The easy-to-install and easy-to-deploy solution gives professionals quick access to understanding the ventilation of a property. The year-round balanced ventilation keeps the building healthy and the residents happy. In addition, the solution also offers significant savings in energy consumption.


How does MyAir system work?

MyAir automatically adjust and balance the ventilation according to the rhythm of living. The wireless smart valves measure the indoor climate and provide information for ventilation control. The ventilation can be boosted when needed, for example during cooking and showering. From the MyAir YourView, you can monitor the operation of ventilation.

Ventilation to be smart in a day

Installing and deploying a smart MyAir system is quick and easy. At the center of the system is a smart valve, during installation an old valve will be replaced. This avoids both heavy costs and structural changes. The system communicates wirelessly.

At least, only the valves are replaced. MyAir also works with different types of ducts.

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