Better indoor air with responsible operations

We take care of people and the environment. This is reflected in our values and affects our day-to-day operations in many different areas. We support operators working for the environment and implement operational actions that promote the well-being of the environment and social responsibility.

We are a 100% Finnish company

Our products bear the Key Flag Symbol

Our products are designed, manufactured and shipped to the world from our factories in Kausala and Pihtipudas, Finland.  Our sales, marketing and customer service units operate in Helsinki.

The materials, raw materials and subcontracted components and services used in our products come from Finland. In addition to the structural parts of our products, their smart components are largely manufactured by Finnish professionals.

Our products are over 80% of domestic origin, entitling us to use the Key Flag Symbol.

Social responsibility

Finnish employer

Our factories in Kausala and Pihtipudas employ up to over 50 people, depending on the season. We are a regionally significant employer in the factories’ municipalities.

Employee well-being

Our most important resource is the amazingly great spirit of the people at Climecon. We take care of our employees’ job satisfaction and well-being and provide opportunities for self-development through training alongside their work.

Responsible support

For Finland and the Baltic Sea

We support the John Nurminen Foundation, which is taking concrete action to protect the Baltic Sea through several ongoing projects. The Foundation’s activities aim to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the Baltic Sea for future generations.

Learn about our Baltic Sea product FINO

We are a carbon-neutral company

We are one of the first provably carbon-neutral operators in the construction and building services industry. We support and cooperate with other climate-wise companies. We want to encourage other companies to join the climate work.

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