MyAir – Smart exhaust ventilation for apartment buildings

MyAir provides smart, demand-controlled ventilation for apartment buildings by automatically adjusting the ventilation according to the rhythm of living. Smart, demand-controlled exhaust ventilation saves energy and allows residents to breathe healthy indoor air.

Healthy indoor climate

MyAir guarantees draft-free and balanced ventilation, odors do not spread to other homes. The removal of a clock-controlled boosting cycle, that simultaneously boosts all valves, reduces draft.

Ventilation can be enhanced, for example during a shower when the humidity rises. The general enhancement per apartment can be done when needed, such as during cooking.


Energy-efficient ventilation

The system makes it possible to improve the energy efficiency of ventilation and the property with the elimination of clock-controlled ventilation boosting. When clock-controlled boosting periods are eliminated, heated air is not unnecessarily removed from the apartments.

When the ventilation is balanced, the apartments do not have a draft, and there is no need to compensate for the feeling of draft with heating. This also saves on heating costs.

Data-driven property management

In addition to the automatic adjustment and functions of the system, measurement data on the status of ventilation is available for building life cycle management.

Demand-controlled ventilation system saves energy and reduces unnecessary maintenance visits. These lead to reducing the energy and maintenance costs of the housing.

What do you get when choosing Myair?

Automatic airflow balancing

The MyAir system automatically balances the pressure differences between the apartments and the floors. The result is healthy, draft-free, and fresh indoor air.


Demand controlled ventilation enhancement

It is possible to increase the efficiency of the exhaust ventilation when needed, for example during cooking or showering.

Quick and easy installation

An effortless alternative to extensive and time-consuming HVAC renovations. Suitable for direct installation with valve replacement in central exhaust ventilation areas.

The benefits of MyAir for different target groups

Improving ventilation in homes and housing companies

Do you also want a carefree and healthy indoor air?

MyAir balances the ventilation of the entire property, resulting in draft-free and balanced ventilation as well as healthy, indoor air and reduced energy consumption.


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MyAir for ventilation professionals


Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to improve ventilation for your customer?

Demand-controlled, smart ventilation with the MyAir system is easy to design and install, it does not require major structural changes. Quick installation saves time and money.

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The system includes

Smart valves

At the heart of the MyAir system are intelligent and automatically adjustable valves. There are two versions, battery-operated and mains-operated.


The MyAir controller offers its users an easy way to adjust ventilation per apartment.

Pressure difference sensors

Wireless differential pressure sensors measure the differential pressure e.g. between the inside and the outside air and between the apartment and the stairwell.

Central processing unit

The central unit is responsible for the communication of the MyAir system.

User interface

Ventilation status of the entire property at a glance

MyAir user interface – Full property status at a glance

Thanks to the MyAir cloud service, you can monitor the operation of ventilation at all your sites in one place. The wireless smart valves measure the indoor climate and provide information for ventilation control.

With the help of the system, maintenance needs can be both anticipated and located at the right place and the right time without having to visit the apartment. The modern system also provides easy, automatic service calls and notifications based on measurement data.

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