The new full service shopping center Saari replaced an old mall of Laajasalo, Helsinki. The new commercial center Saari opened in October 2018.

Saari shopping center combines numerous shops and services including a gym, a library, restaurants and grocery stores. While choosing the ventilation products for the stores with various uses, special attention was paid to the products’ flexibility and adaptability regarding changes in layout of spaces. Once again, Climecon’s solutions stood out for their adaptability, and RUX supply air devices and NOX supply air diffusers, that have adaptable throw patterns and directable nozzles, were chosen for the stores of the shopping center.

 OLO supply air diffusers and OLOi exhaust air vents were also a perfect fit for the new mall: they are equipped with directable nozzles that allow the throw pattern to be easily readjusted. From our wide selection of diffusers, RINO and RJA supply air diffusers, KIO door grilles and VIP low-structured exhaust air vents were chosen.

”We wanted to have a single manufacturer for all the ventilation products, and Climecon had a solution for our every need.”

Jani Harjula, Project Manager, Optiplan Oy

The multiple restaurants of Saari were equipped with CleanMaster® hoods, that have an advanced, four-step cleaning system and a secure fire safety system. Our own selection tool Hood.X was used when dimensioning the kitchen ventilation solutions. The user-friendliness and versatility of the program received praise: ”It is very handy to dimension the hoods with Hood.X. Besides, the plans can easily be transported into IFC data model“, describes Jani Harjula, the Project Manager of Saari.

Climecon’s products have been designed paying special attention to the appearance. Our stylish solutions received compliments for their looks also this time: “Climecon’s products can confidently be displayed“, Harjula says. He mentions as well that the looks and design of Climecon’s hoods suit open plan kitchens.

The extent and high quality of our selection played also a major role while deciding on the manufacturer of the products for Saari’s business spaces with various uses. “We wanted to have a single manufacturer for all the ventilation products, and Climecon had a solution for our every need.

Project Manager

Jani Harjula, Optiplan Oy