RUX supply air device

RUX is a flexible and adaptable supply air device for fairly high spaces.  For its optimized and adaptable throw pattern, RUX is a perfect supply air diffuser for shopping centres, grocery stores and other spaces with frequent layout changes.

Air flow range

30-400 dm³/s, 108-1440 m³/h

Duct sizes

Ø 160-400 mm

Sustainable product

Biocomposite nozzles, CO2 footprint calculated, EPD calculated

Color options

RAL 9016 white (matte), RAL 9005 black (matte)


The performance of RUX comes from an optimised number of standard and directable nozzles. RUX is a perfect supply air diffuser for shopping centres, grocery stores and other spaces with frequent layout changes.

The RUX supply air device provides an extremely long and narrow vertical throw pattern while its flexibility also allows a vertical, twisting, narrow and shortened throw pattern, as well as a sideways, downward throw pattern and a horizontal throw pattern (recommended for cooling).

RUX is a part of the OptiFlow® product family!

OptiFlow® products adapt to changes in the life cycle of the space due to an optimized and adaptable throw pattern.


  • Shopping centres, retail spaces, industrial premises and sports halls
  • Long, narrow throw pattern
  • Vertical throw can be redirected sideways
  • Perfect for forced-air heating of high spaces


Quick guide

Carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of the products has been calculated as part of the requirements of the Building Information Foundation’s EPD environmental report.

RUX Dimensions

Main dimensions

Selection Diagram

RUX-160, RUX-200, RUX-250, RUX-315 and RUX-400

The graphs are not intended for adjustment. Pressure min 40 Pa when supply airflow Δt exceeds 10°C.

Sound absorption area:
Sizes 160-200: 10 m2
Sizes 250-315: 15 m2
Size 400: 20 m2

Throw patterns

Vertical throw  pattern


 Twisting vertical throw pattern


Sideways throw pattern




Horizontal twisting throw pattern 360°


Horizontal throw pattern with unidirectional nozzles


(Horizontal throw patterns are the recommended option for cooling)




Throw lengths

Vertical throw pattern

Δt 0 °C degrees

Δt +10 °C degrees


Twisting vertical throw pattern

 Δt 0°C degrees

 Δt +10 °C degrees



Horizontal throw pattern 360°

Horizontal unidirectional throw pattern

 Δt 0 °C degrees

 Δt 0 °C degrees


Supply air temperature affects throw length. Throw pattern directed sideways shortens the throw length by approx 2 metres. RUX may be equipped with a regulator throttle if needed.

In case of installation height of more than 6 metres, the RIX supply air device for high spaces is recommended.