OLO supply air diffuser

OLO is an extremely stylish supply air diffuser for suspended and coffered ceilings. It combines modern and stylish design with excellent air and sound properties. Thanks to OLO’s patented sideways adjustability the product is also uniquely easy to install.

Air flow range

5-130 dm³/s, 18-468 m³/h

Duct sizes

Ø 125-315 mm

Sustainable product

Biocomposite nozzles, CO2 footprint calculated, EPD calculated

Color options

RAL 9016 white (matte), RAL 9005 black (matte)


OLO, equipped with fully directable nozzles and designed for large air volumes, creates a wide horizontal throw pattern as standard. Thanks to its directable nozzles, the throw pattern of OLO is easy to change after installation, for example if the purpose of the room is changed. OLO is suitable for both constant and variable airflows, and its high mixing ratio also allows cooled supply air.

OLO Z is designed for suspended ceilings with a concealed T-grid.

OLO fits FLO balancing plenum box

One of OLO’s most prominent properties is the patented sideways adjustability that makes installation work remarkably easy. Even if the duct installation places the diffuser off-centre in the ceiling opening, the sideways adjustability allows shifting it exactly into place without moving the ducts. This adjustability ensures an always tidy installation and may save a lot of installation time.

Watch a video about the sideways adjustability


  • Modern and stylish design
  • Uniquely easy installation and sideways adjustability
  • A wide horizontal throw pattern, that is easy to change
  • Excellent air and sound properties
  • Z model designed for suspended ceilings with the ceiling panels concealing the T-bar grid.

Carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of the products has been calculated as part of the requirements of the Building Information Foundation’s EPD environmental report.

Product code

OLO 250 600 + Z + FLO 200 / 250
1 2   3   4   5   6   7


1 = Supply air diffuser OLO
2 = Supply air diffuser size
3 = Panel size of suspended/coffered ceiling
4 = Lowered diffuser part
5 = Balancing plenum box FLO
6 = Balancing plenum box duct size
7 = Balancing plenum box connection to diffuser

Quick guide




Dimensioning OLO + FLO supply air

The diagrams are not intended for adjustment.

OLO-125 + FLO-100-125


OLO-125 + FLO-125-125


OLO-160 + FLO-100-160


OLO-160 + FLO-125-160


OLO-160 + FLO-160-160


OLO-200 + FLO-125-200


OLO-200 + FLO-160-200


OLO-200 + FLO-200-200


OLO-250 + FLO-160-250


OLO-250 + FLO-200-250


OLO-250 + FLO-250-250


OLO-315 + FLO-200-315


OLO-315 + FLO-250-315


OLO-315 + FLO-315-315

Throw pattern and throw length

The throw pattern of OLO can easily be changed. The direction of the nozzles has no effect on the airflow or sound level.

 Twist supply = standard

  4 directions 360°







Throw length

Twist supply

Airflow – throw length – twist supply

Vertical throw pattern

Airflow – throw length – vertical

Conversion factors

Blow direction                                                         Throw length L0,2

Ceiling construction options

OLO is available for smooth ceiling surfaces and T-grid ceiling structures with both visible and concealed grids.

1. Smooth ceiling surface


2. T-grid ceiling with concealed grid 

Easy maintenance