NOT supply air diffuser

NOT supply air diffuser for free installation is extremely flexible in use. Whenever the layout or use of the space changes, the throw pattern may always be redirected to achieve the best possible, draught-free air distribution.

Air flow range

20-205 dm³/s, 72-738 m³/h

Duct sizes

Ø 125-315 mm

Sustainable product

Biocomposite nozzles, CO2 footprint calculated, EPD calculated

Color options

RAL 9016 white (matte), RAL 9005 black (matte)


The diffuser part may be changed afterwards. The product’s features can be changed to be more suitable for either cooling or heating, if the use of the rooms changes during the product’s lifecycle.

NOT is especially suited for isothermal and low temperature air. NOX is particularly designed for handling overtemperature air. A unique characteristic of NOX is the possibility to turn the vertical throw pattern 30 degrees to the side. This is a huge advantage if the throw pattern becomes obstructed, for example due to changes in the room’s layout.

NOT is a part of the new OptiFlow® product family!

OptiFlow® products adapt to changes in the life cycle of the space due to an optimized and adaptable throw pattern.


  • Especially good adaptability and flexibility
  • Precise and clear adjustment based on pressure difference
  • Excellent air and sound properties
  • Easily adjustable installation height
  • Ultra low construction height
  • Outstandingly easy and fast to clean
  • Possibility to replace the diffuser component


Carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of the products has been calculated as part of the requirements of the Building Information Foundation’s EPD environmental report.

Quick selection guide

Sound level lower than 35 dB(A) at 50 Pa total pressure.

NOTE! The S models achieve low sound levels even at significantly higher total pressure Pa values!

NOT dimensions

Selection diagrams

The graphs are not intended for adjustment.






Throw patterns and throw length

NOT and NOP throw patterns

Nozzles in twist-supply position

NOT and NOP alternative throw patterns

Nozzles in one direction

Nozzles fanned out 90°

Nozzles outward

Nozzles fanned out in two directions 2 x 90°

Throw length

NOT adjustment unit

NOT adjustment unit based on the static pressure difference measurement enables highly accurate air flow measurement and control. The adjustment unit allows a precise adjustment of airflow (± 5%) even at low airflows and duct speeds.

NOT is easy to adjust

1. The pressure difference is measured from the measuring socket of the control unit.

2. This adjustment can be made by a screwdriver. The adjustment is done by rotating the control dial with the tool. The control dial readings correspond to separate k-values ​​that can be found on the side of the adjustment unit.

3. The adjustment position can be locked with a screw.