New from Climecon: TUPA and FINO 125

We are proud to present the new TUPA for building and renovation projects. Our selection includes FINO supply air vent now for 125mm duct especially suitable for smaller air quantities.

Combination product TUPA for intake and exhaust air

TUPA is an ideal product for both building new and renovation of existing buildings: room-based ventilation directly through the external wall enables energy efficient, room-based heat recovery and saves valuable living space. This can also save time and money in apartment block renovation projects when there is no longer need to build a new central duct system from the apartments up to the roof.

The throw pattern of TUPA is remarkably long and narrow, meaning that exhaust air will not mix with intake air. The surface of the device endures harsh weather conditions and qualifies for international standard ISO12944-5 class C. Reaching the highest endurance class for out-door devices means that TUPA’s coating remains in mint condition for decades resulting in minimal maintenance costs. The fine-tuned structure of the device will keep water out of ducts. Additionally, the product suits modern urban facade and was developed as an answer to need for a stylish alternative for outside air terminal devices.

FINO 125 for smaller air quantities

Due to high demand we launched our widely popular apartment supply air diffuser FINO for 125mm duct sizes. The new size makes mounting quick and easy since it is the most common duct size in apartments, and now installation of the device can be done directly onto the end of a standard size duct.

The stylish perforation of FINO makes the significantly low structured diffuser fade into the surface of the wall. The design of the device is easy on the eye of even the most demanding interior architect. Due to its highly effective sound attenuation FINO is ideal for bedrooms and spaces that require quiet air distribution. In addition, it is draught-free and comes with a high mixing ratio.


Vent.X: New user interface for faster design

Improved user experience with streamlined features is at the core of the renewed Vent.X user interface. The new selection tool for air terminal devices is significantly faster and optimized for wide screens. This is to make working easier and reduces the need for scrolling.

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Corrosion-resistant air terminal devices for challenging conditions

Our high-quality products made of acid-proof and stainless steel are resistant to corrosion.

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EPD-verified hoods for sustainable kitchen projects

EPD verified hoods offer a solution, especially for sites where minimizing climate effects is sought after. Builders, designers, and other stakeholders get verified, unbiased information about the hoods’ carbon footprints along with a broad range of other environmental effects.

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