Climecon’s hoods go Dubai!

In Dubai quality, fire safety and pioneering technology are highly appreciated. Climecon’s hoods combine all of these and have quickly gained popularity in Dubai-based restaurants.

Climecon’s hoods were installed to the brand-new restaurant Mitra.

In Dubai the ventilation of the restaurants needs to be of top quality. Warm weather highlights the importance of well-functioning ventilation and customers’ expectations for technology and quality are high. Climecon’s selection of 
hoods offers everything the restaurants in Dubai need: quality, superior technology and fire safety.



Climecon’s representative and reseller in Dubai, Airody Trading Ltd delivers Climecon’s hoods to restaurants. Our comprehensive selection of hoods provides a perfect solution for every restaurant. Airody Trading is known for quality and reliability, and has already delivered Climecon’s hoods to multiple restaurants around Dubai.


Zia Ahmed, Airody Trading and Ville Wallendahr, Climecon.


Our Product Manager Ville Wallendahr visited Dubai to meet Climecon’s associates and visit restaurants equipped with Climecon’s hoods. One of the restaurants is an Indian Fusion Bistro, Mitra, where Ville catched up with Zia Ahmed, Airody Trading’s Mechanical Engineer.



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