Climecon on board in Route du Rhum race

Climecon sponsored a Finnish sailor Ari Huusela on his adventure in a solo transatlantic race Route du Rhum where skippers sail a 6000 kilometers long route from France to Caribbean alone and non-stop. The race takes place every four years and this time started in November with a record number of participants: 124 skippers in six different classes. 

Success follows from perseverance

This was Ari Huusela’s second time competing at Route du Rhum, but this time he had taken a big step forward and proceeded to race in the top solo class IMOCA. “Comparing to anything I have done before, moving to the IMOCA class is an exponential step for me. Terribly huge one, actually”, describes Huusela. He is the first Scandinavian skipper to ever race in this class.

Huusela’s achievement did not happen by chance: It follows from years of persistent work. The race was in fact just a step on his way to Vendée Globe, an even tougher solo race from France via South Africa, South Australia and Cape Horn back to Les Sables d’Olonne.



Altogether it has taken a couple of decades for me to reach this point. This journey started already when my dream of Vendée Globe was born“, Huusela explains. Climecon will also be joining him on the upcoming Vendée Globe race taking place in 2020.

Trustworthy partner for a challenging journey

Huusela’s sailing boat for the race, IMOCA60, is extremely demanding, and requires much higher level of equipment and much more maintenance than any of Huusela’s previous solo sailboats. The conditions may change rapidly offshore, and even though the skippers sail alone during the race, the back-up team consists of up to 15 people. When working with the team, trust and reliability are irreplaceable.

We at Climecon are enthusiastic about sailing and we value highly many of the themes involved in racing, such as bravery, pure nature, team work and perseverance. We strive for success with courage and are hungry for winning, and similar kind of desire is needed when sailing across the Atlantic alone. That is why we got on board and took part in this race.


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