Green technology in professional kitchens

The ventilation designer has a place of a thousand bucks to make responsible choices for the building services solutions of a site. So, what to consider when designing kitchen ventilation for a site that aims at minimizing environmental and climate impacts? One option is to favor solutions that utilize green technologies.

Innovations are considered green technologies when they offset the negative effects of human actions on the environment. This means that the neither solutions nor their performance contribute to global warming or ozone depletion, and the compounds do not pollute the atmosphere.

FG Master is 100% green technology

FG Master fire extinguishing system, which comes standard with Climecon’s hood, is known to be the only extinguishing system that is of 100% green technology. It contains only natural compounds that are harmless to the atmosphere and the ozone layer. The extinguishing agent is potassium carbonate packed in a steel cartridge, which binds the hydroxyls generated during a fire. This extinguishes the fire and provides long-term protection against re-ignition. Additionally, only natural compounds are generated from the extinguishing process.

“Sustainability issues are at the backbone of Climecon and guide our product development. When we set out to find alternatives for extinguishing systems used in our hoods, the use of green technology was one of the key criteria”, recalls Ville Wallendahr, ventilation in the professional kitchen business manager. “The topic is important as more and more property owners require sustainability. And this has a great impact on ventilation design and chosen devices.”

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What is required for safe fire extinguishing in professional kitchens?

We assembled the three core elements of fire safety in professional kitchen extinguishing systems: safe extinguishing agents, efficient fire extinguishing technology and reliable response. All of these have been taken into account in the development of FG Master extinguishing system, which is especially suitable for professional kitchens and for putting down grease fires.

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Climecon summer holidays 2022

Our factories are closed durig weeks 28-30. The warehouse is open all summer long and our stars of customer service…

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3 Power-user features in Vent.X

We strive to ensure that HVAC designers find suitable and reliable ventilation solutions for their projects with our tools. Below we introducethree functions that anyone can use to take air terminal device design to a new level on Vent.X.

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