7 ways to promote circular economy in ventilation

Environmental questions are deep rooted in Climecon’s values and sustainability leads our product development. Here are a few qualities what to look for in ventilation solutions to promote minimizing waste and maximizing lifetime. Also, we added descriptions under each quality in how they are presented in Climecon’s selection.

1)    Choose quality over quantity

Materials of high quality and long life-cycles are carefully selected for Climecon’s products and we strive to keep plastic parts at bare minimum. For instance, in sound attenuation we have had picked Dacron wool as insulation material since it doesn’t erode or emit airborne particles in usage.


2)    Lasting painting counts especially for outside devices

Our outside devices are coated with a painting that is proven to last for decades protecting the devices from corrosion and rough weather conditions in addition to granting a flawless appearance. Platic rubber parts used in these devices sustain UV-radiation and remain non-perished, resulting in minimal waste.


3)    Material efficiency from the start till the end

We have invested in renewing our machinery for ultimate material efficiency. The steel plates used are cut out in an optimal way for minimal waste material, and what’s left over gets recycled. With the use of recyclable raw materials also minimizing environmental effects post-usage are taken into account.


4)    Longer product life-cycle with clever solutions in maintenance

Easy cleaning and maintenance are at the core of maintaining the products’ performance and clever execution adds decades at most to the product lifetime. We put a great effort into developing new ways to ease use, such as CLIK valve’s easily opened front. On top of easy cleaning and maintenance, we take into consideration a non-changed adjustment position during them, as with the sturdy SlideFix locking in FLO plenum box.


5)    Professional kitchen check list: easy cleaning & lasting technology

Cleaning is especially important in professional kitchen solutions since it also heavily links to safety. In our solution, the cleaning mechanism it-self keeps the devices clean by removing up to 98% of airborne impurities. Additionally, both hoods’ and ventilation ceilings’ separators and grilles are easily detached and washed in a standard washing machine. For a longer lifetime and minimum maintenance, CleanMaster solutions come equipped with UV-tubes that last for a modest 16 000 hours.


6)    Accurate lifetime assessment for minimizing waste

The filters used in our gas phase air filtration solutions can be refilled at optimal intervals due to accurate assessment of media lifetime. This way changing of the filtration media too early can be avoided resulting less of perfectly functioning media from going to waste.


7)    Prepare for changes – prefer adaptable devices

The layout and purpose of a room does not necessarily mean changing the ventilation devices. That is if highly adjustable devices have been designed for the room in the first place.

Climecon OptiFlow product category contains devices equipped with directable and easily re-directed nozzles. By altering the throw-pattern, the products adapt to the changing requirements in schools, offices, and restaurants or spaces with more frequent – even seasonal layout changes such as supermarkets.


Three ways UV lamp choice affect maintenance costs in professional kitchens

The use of UV light in professional kitchen air purification is common, but in terms of efficient grease purification and life cycle costs, selecting the right technology makes all the difference. We list three factors of UV applications that help in controlling maintenance costs and make the work of the kitchen staff easier.

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Achieving a high level of extract air cleanliness plays a major role in reducing cleaning and maintenance costs and increase fire safety of the premises. Additionally, clean extract air can be utilized with heat recovery ventilation systems.

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EPD-verified ventilation solutions from Climecon

We are the first manufacturer to offer EPD verified air terminal devices and professional kitchen hoods. With this, products with reliable and comprehensive verification of their environmental effects are also available in ventilation.

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