Climecon’s CleanMaster® ceiling ventilation solutions and -Hoods and StandardPlus Hoods were chosen for the new kitchen of OP Vallila. OP Vallila’s restaurants serve daily over 3000 employees, whereupon the ventilation of the kitchen must function as efficiently as possible. Thanks to the CleanMaster® technology, the grease fumes arising from the frying stations will not acummulate in the exhaust ducts and the technology takes at the same time care of the purification of the exhaust air.

A challenge with the large kitchen was the high amount of ventilation units, which was solved by replacing the hoods partly with CleanMaster® ceiling ventilation solutions. Thanks to the ceiling ventilation solutions, a solid and stylish entity was created and the kitchen got more space.

As OP Vallila was designed, environmental issues and responsibility were highlighted. Thanks to the CleanMaster® technology, the heat load of the the exhaust air araising from the kitchen can be used in the Heating Recovery Ventilation (HRV) of the building, which saves a considerable amount of energy.

The usage of the CleanMaster® technology is controlled via building automation, whereby the appropriate use of the UV lamps can be optimized for energy efficiency.