VIVA-SL grille

The surface-mounted VIVA-SL grille is suitable as a supply air terminal device. VIVA-SL models include grille, mounting frame, and adjustment plate. VIVA-SL is also suitable for linear mounting which guarantees a finished look in any modern interior.

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Installation method

Surface mounting


For wall installation

Optiflow® product


Color options

RAL 9016 white (matte), RAL 9005 black (matte)



The design of the VIVA-SL is exceptional, unique and superior.

Widely adaptive throw-pattern

VIVA-SL grille is designed for wall mounting. The scatter pattern can be redirected according to the situation and when needed. VIVA-SL is also well suited for low-temperature air and can be used to cool the room, for example, during the hot summertime.

Smart solutions increase the versatility of application

The VIVA-SL is mounted using a mounting frame in a rectangular opening, for example, to replace an old grille.



VIVA-S for surface mounting

VIVA-F for flush mounting

Quick guide

Supply air


VIVA-SL for surface mounting

Throw pattern and length

With the adjustment position fully open, placed 300mm from the ceiling.

Nozzle direction options


Long and straight

Short and wide

Slanted to the left

Throw length


The graphs are not intended for adjusting.

VIVA-SL supply air

VIVA-SL exhaust air