VIVA design diffusers

VIVA is the embodiment of Nordic design with sleek, timeless appearance that is packed with functional features for top class performance. VIVA diffusers are a collection that has been crafted by combining visual and ventilation expertises in a completely unique way.

A finished solution for a unified result

The VIVA collection is designed to create a high-quality indoor climate.

VIVA combines elegant and timeless design with state-of-the-art ventilation technology.

Designed by architects, powered by Climecon

Architect’s choice

VIVA diffusers offer a solution for the visual finishing of the interior and architecture of the object, which does not come at the expense of the technical functionality of the equipment.

Indoor climate design

VIVA’s unbeatable technical features are the result of uncompromising product development. They enable accurate and reliable indoor climate design.

Ease of use

VIVA is loaded with features that are useful at every stage of the product life cycle.

Design, efficiency, new form of air

Back in 2016, we set out with a renowned interior designer Teemu Saukkonen to think about what a wall-mounted supply air diffuser should look like.

We gave the design professional completely free hands with the accompanying words, “You think about the design purely  – it is up to us to turn this into a functional ventilation terminal.”

The concept of a completely new kind of product combining interior architecture and ventilation was born.

At Climecon, product development was based on precision high adjustment accuracy, easy installation and adjustment, a flexible diffusion pattern throughout the life cycle, quiet operation, and draft-free air distribution.

After overcoming numerous models, testing, air-flow modeling and sometimes seemingly impossible obstacles, a magnificent whole was created, where every detail has been carefully thought out and with the same innovative design where it all started from – VIVA was born.

VIVA design diffuser collection

VIVA-S surface mounted diffusers

As a result of Saukkonen’s original idea, a surface-mounted diffuser,  VIVA-S, was created. The devices can be used to create long interior elements by combining the active and “blind” parts of the product. It is possible to combine identical supply and exhaust air models into one stylish whole.


VIVA-F for flush mounting

After receiving requests for a frameless, wall-mounted supply air diffuser with a stylish design, we decided to refine the idea with Saukkonen’s design and the concept of a flush mounted diffuser with a plaster frame, VIVA-F, was born.


VIVA-SL grille

VIVA-SL is a grille without a plenum box, that is equipped with directed nozzles and a mounting frame. The device is suitable for a supply air terminal device. The visible part follows the streamlined design of the VIVA collection, and the nozzle plate is not visible from behind it.


Identical supply and exhaust air units can be placed in the same row using blind parts

VIVA-S surface mounted supply air unit

The grille of the surface-mounted VIVA is slightly detached from the wall and the nozzles of the device cannot be seen from behind, which creates a finished result.

VIVA-S-0 blind parts for creating visual entities

Behind the blind section is a back plate making installation easy and sleek. For more information on the VIVA-S-0, see the VIVA surface-mounted product page.

VIVAi-S surface mounted exhaust air unit

The existing ductwork does not limit the dimensioning of VIVA products in a visually balanced way in relation to other elements of the space.

Finished features

  • Precise, lockable SlideFix adjustment mechanism
  • Changing the adjustment position of the machine does not increase the throw length
  • Adjustment panel with 360 ° directional nozzles
  • Finished grille with invisible fastening
  • Also ideal for under-temperature air

Versatile throw-pattern direction

360˚ turning nozzles make the throw-pattern of VIVA easily designed to fit the location and its usage.

The device can be placed in a corner by applying sideways slanted throw-pattern.

VIVA is also suitable for under-temperature supply air.

For designers

VIVA and SAGA can be found on MagiCloud database and on Vent.X selection and dimensioning tool.

design with Vent.X

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