The newly built site contains multiple spaces with various use cases, which posed a challenge for finding fitting solutions from one single supplier. Also, high-quality air distribution and appearance were important selection criteria, since the ventilation devices are highly visible to the visitors.

A widely adjustable throw pattern was a common denominator for the devices in the supermarket. They needed to fit for ceiling mount and enable readjustment to adapt to layout changes in the future. RIX, NOP, and ROX were selected for the premises due to their ability to handle large air volumes and the fact that they offer a significantly broad adjustment range in addition to a widely adjustable throw pattern.

The high filtration rate of kitchen ventilation solutions was considered essential. The high amount of grease used in the cooking process of the fast-food joint requires effective cleaning mechanics. This plays an integral part in securing the fire safety of the site. That’s why CleanMaster hoods were chosen in the kitchen. When the extract air is clean, it can be utilized with heat recovery solutions at low maintenance costs.

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