A vocational school in Helsinki, Stadin ammattiopisto. The building and construction techniques and the teaching premises of the building that was completed in 1978 are renewed in a three-phase construction work.

Around 600 students are studying at the vocational school, which means that the equipment and solutions in the teaching kitchens must be the best possible. Climecon’s hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions were chosen to meet this challenge. CleanMaster®– and StandardPlus hoods as well as -ceiling ventilation solutions could be customised according to the supporting beams at the low premises. Thanks to the CleanMaster®-technology, the grease chambers and ducts remain clean and the hoods enable the heat recovery ventilation (HRV) from the exhaust air ducts.

There is definitely bustle in the teaching kitchen. The low room height set challenges for the whole ventilation in the building. The CleanMaster®– and StandardPlus ceiling ventilation solutions ensure efficient ventilation in the whole kitchen space. Thanks to the low construction height of the ceiling ventilation solutions, the feel of space was created in the premises. The solutions also prevent the grease fumes from spreading in the other parts of the classroom. CVL dampening panels with noice absorption level D were chosen to the ceiling ventilation solutions as they efficiently reduce background noises. The CIL air curtains were an excellent choice to the open plan kitchen, where they prevent grease fumes from spreading in the other parts of the class room on the edges of the kitchen premises.

The ventilation solutions of Climecon include a selection of supply and exhaust air devices for general ventilation of professional kitchens. DINO-T was a natural choice for the general ventilation of the teaching kitchen.

Things are done as promised

“Excellent work even the project is as large as this”

–Contractor of Stadin ammattiopisto, Project Manager Kaapo Karila

The contractor of Stadin ammattiopisto, Project Manager at Aro Systems Oy, Kaapo Karila, was especially satisfied with Climecon’s hoods and ventilation solutions as they could be customised according to the low room height of the premises. In addition, Mr. Karila gave positive feedback about good service and quick reaction to problems. ”If everything is not going as planned at a construction site as this large, it is important that the supplier is able to offer help and solve the problems quickly”, as Mr. Karila summarizes. There will always be challenges and problems but the ability to react to them is the thing that matters, according to Kaapo Karila, Aro Systems Oy.


Project Manager

Kaapo Karila, Aro Systems Oy