Indoor air quality in good condition

The renovation project of the school with approximately 550 students was completed in the fall of 2023. Small space changes improved the usability of the building, for example, by building an elevator and making changes to the placement of the space. Energy efficiency was also improved, and building technology was updated to meet modern needs. They also wanted to choose top-class ventilation equipment for the building. The poor indoor air quality, which was previously perceived as a problem, was brought to a significantly better level by renewing the systems and choosing the right products for the right places.

ROX nozzle ducts are a complete set for the ventilation of schools, kindergartens, and other public spaces. For example, they can be found in many school spaces, such as corridors and classrooms. The ROX-S adjustment/damping part combined with the nozzle duct ROX forms a whole that is top-class in terms of function and appearance. With this whole, we reach the best possible result regarding the ventilation of the classrooms.

“A nozzle duct for the classroom was the customer’s wish, and we ended up with ROX because of the excellent experiences with it. We wanted an easy-to-clean nozzle duct with no protruding nozzles which is easy to keep clean. The architect and the customer also approved the product in terms of design.”

Janne Jokitalo: Granlund Oulu

The flat nozzles of the NOT diffuser are easy to keep clean and redirected if the layout changes. Ease of cleaning is usually a selection criterion for school facilities. With the SET exhaust air valves, large amounts of air could be removed, so separate junction boxes were unnecessary.

Design products for a prestigious building

Lyseo High School is one of Oulu’s most historic buildings, designed by C.L. Engel in the 1830s. Engel acted as a trendsetter for the entire Finnish architectural art, and his most famous works are the Helsinki Cathedral and the milieu of the Senate Square.

Lyseo High School is one of Oulu’s most valuable buildings in terms of building history. Elements characteristic of Engel’s style, such as windows, railings, decorative moldings, and other architectural details, have been cherished during the renovation. Lyseon has served as a school for many famous people, including Finnish  presidents.

The kitchen is also equipped with a hood from Climecon

The arched windows in the kitchen caused a challenge in terms of height, and therefore, 400mm high StandardPlus hoods were chosen for the project. StandardPlus is exactly the right choice to take care of the ventilation of food preparation stations and dishwashing lines and the comfort of working conditions.