TPC air purifier

TPC is a chemical air purifier for high background levels, and designed specifically for extremely demanding conditions. The contaminant removal efficiency of TPC air purifiers is over 99.9%.


The TPC purifier series is designed for use in extremely demanding conditions. It is typically used for removing harmful odours from wastewater systems and composting plants.

The device is also well suited for protecting electronic and electrical devices against airborne corrosion in industrial environments.

The TPC purifier includes a two-stage chemical filter with pre- and post-filtering.

TPC purifier unit:

  • Standard material acid-resistant steel plate
  • Flange joint with counter flanges
  • Insulated doors and hatches
  • Sturdy stand

Suitable for:

  • Electronics and electrical rooms in process industries
  • Data centres
  • Control rooms
  • Composting plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Wastewater pumping stations