PSA air purifier

PSA air purifier unit is perfect for purifying supply air when background levels are high and excellent purity is required. The contaminant removal efficiency of PSA air purifiers is over 99%



PSA is typically used in industrial applications for protecting electronics and electrical devices from corrosion caused by the surrounding air. It is also perfect for purifying compressor intake air and eliminating odours in wastewater systems.

PSA is modularly constructed and allows the building of one or more chemical filtering stages using C-12 filter sections. Pre- and post-filtering can be added.

PSA purifier unit:

  • Standard material acid-resistant steel plate
  • Flanged joint with counter flanges
  • Insulated doors

Suitable for:

  • Electrical rooms
  • Protection of electronics
  • Control rooms
  • Composting plants
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Wastewater pumping stations
  • Compressor intake air
  • Data centres