OptiDemand – demand controlled ventilation for professional kitchen

With the innovative DCKV technology, ventilation in commercial kitchens can be adjusted according to the degree of use and need. Ventilation can be controlled and made more efficient on a workstation-by-workstation basis so that energy is not wasted. The efficiency of exhaust air purification, good working conditions, and energy efficiency guide the development of our professional kitchen solutions.

At least 50% energy savings without compromising air quality

The OptiDemand system measures the ventilation of the entire kitchen, and the data collected by the hood provides an accurate picture of the kitchen’s usage situation. Ventilation can be controlled in an area-specific way and made more efficient when the load on workstations is high, and energy is not wasted.

Demand control is especially welcome for the property owner, maintenance, and maintenance partner, as it also makes it possible to identify the need for maintenance and schedule measures on time.

Data benefits ventilation

The system monitors the air quality in the kitchen around the clock in real-time. The OptiDemand system measures the indoor air in the kitchen with the help of several different sensors, providing reliable information on the load rate of the kitchen.

In addition to carbon dioxide, our system measures TVOCs, humidity, temperature, movement, and small particles that weaken air quality.

Designed for commercial kitchens

  • Reliable information on load factor
  • Beneficial data for ventilation management
  • Versatile measurement
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Load factor data can be easily combined with building automation or control device

Versatile measurement

The ingenious system combines a large amount of information into a logical entity, making it easy to control the ventilation system. The sensor measures movement, temperature, humidity, small particles, tVOC values, and CO2.

Good indoor climate for staff and customers

Ventilation plays a significant role in the comfort, occupational safety and working conditions of professional kitchens. With OptiDemand, you can ensure that the kitchen and restaurant always have the best possible indoor air conditions for employees and customers. 

A solution for 10 years of development work for commercial kitchen conditions.

Easy adjustment and measurement with ultrasound

The OptiDemand solution also includes an airflow controller that utilizes ultrasonic measurement. It is designed to control variable airflow and function as a constant airflow device. The device measures not only the airflow but also the temperature in the duct. It measures air volumes accurately without pressure drop, and dirt or grease does not affect the measurement accuracy. The airflow controller is compatible with all Climecon hoods and ventilation ceiling systems.

OptiDemand is available for all Climecon hoods and ceiling ventilation solutions

The innovation is scalable and suitable for small and large professional kitchens. The system can operate in stand-alone mode, or it can be combined with building automation and various management and maintenance systems.  



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