Rantarousti School is a modern comprehensive school with a highly effective space design

The open areas of the building can be modified and confined with curtains and sliding walls. To adjust to these changes of space, agility is needed from the ventilation. “Ventilation needs to be able to comply with changes”, the HVAC designer Mikko Moilanen from Optiplan Oy states. The adaptable ROX nozzle ducts and RUX supply air devices were chosen to meet these requirements and to ensure that the students can focus on studying while breathing clean air. 

ROX nozzle ducts were a perfect choice for their ability to adapt to changes in the life cycle of the space due to an optimized and adaptable throw pattern. Changing the throw pattern of ROX is easy when rearranging space: the nozzles can be directed to the wanted direction with the help of a handy adjustment tool supplied with the product. The HVAC contractor LVI-XPERT found also the installation of the product to be simple. No wonder, because installing ROX is made super easy with its sliding installation bar.

”Good items to install!”

-HVAC contractor LVI-XPERT OY

Also the design of the nozzles suits the decoration of the modern school. The stylish white nozzles blend effortlessly in with the light colors of the lobby areas and the stainless steel colored nozzle ducts couldn’t fit the woodworking area any better.

Flexible RUX supply air devices are perfect for fairly high spaces because of their long and narrow vertical throw pattern. Their adaptive, optimized throw pattern makes also sure that all the requirements for the ventilation of the school are met. 

HVAC designer

Optiplan Oy

HVAC contractor



NCC Suomi Oy