VIP exhaust valve

VIP is a stylish, low-structure exhaust air valve for quality construction. VIP features lockable adjustment and completes the home interior with its modern look.

Air flow range

4-80 dm³/s, 14-288 m³/h

Duct sizes

Ø 100-200 mm

Smoke dampener

For wall installation

Color options

RAL 9016 white (matte), RAL 9005 black (matte)

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The stylish VIP and VIP-S exhaust valves are designed to complement home interiors. Both feature lockable adjustment.

VIP-S is an exhaust valve designed specifically for saunas and features optional linear adjustment. VIP-S has extremely low structural design and has a modern, stylish adjustment knob made of wood, which makes it blend in perfectly with the wall and ceiling surfaces of most saunas.

VIP and VIP-S are delivered in protective individual packages, including a collar joint with a gasket.

VIP is available in sizes Ø100-200, and VIP-S in sizes Ø100 and 125.

The standard color of both products is RAL 9003.

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Selection diagram

VIP-100 and VIP-S-100


VIP-125 and VIP-S-125