Snow and rain cover TUISKU-V

TUISKU-V is a snow and rain cover designed to prevent snow and water from entering intake air vents.

Select the right size louvre by airflow


TUISKU-V is a surface mounted  snow and rain cover with horizontal vanes. The horizontal vanes give an architecturally pleasing appearance without compromising robust structure and good airflow.

TUISKU materials:

  • Galvanized steel (ZnFe)
  • Painted (Ma)
  • Stainless (RFe)
  • Acid resistant (HFe)
  • Sheet copper (Cu)

The surface treatment of TUISKU fulfills the corrosivity category C4 that lasts well in even the most challenging climate conditions.

Individually dimensioned (non-standard) sizes are possible. Please confirm the available size options from Climecon’s technical support.

The innovative OptiINSTALL makes installation easier and faster – now as standard equipment!


Cover dimensions must be min 100 mm larger than opening on all sides.

TUISKU snow and rain covers prevent snow and water from getting into the ducts. TUISKU covers are tested by VTT.
The recommended face velocity is 0.7 m/s.

TUISKU has a slanted bottom with a water drainage hole. TUISKU-PS, TUISKU-V, TUISKU-P and TUISKU-VS are dimensioned at least 100 mm wider and higher than the hole in the wall.

The TUISKU P and V models take in air through the front surface of the grille. TUISKU PS and VS models take in air through the front and sides of the grille. We also recommend water drainage for the air intake chamber, as well as heating.

OptiINSTALL speeds up installation

The OptiINSTALL channel that makes installation considerably easier is standard equipment in the surface-mounted TUISKU grilles.

Instead of having to support the heavy grille against the wall while fumbling for the right place through trial and error, you can lock in the installation height with OptiINSTALL. This mounting channel makes INSTALLATION easier and faster as you can lift the grille on it.

OptiINSTALL is attached 13 cm above the hole. The level stays firmly above the channel, and the installer can screw it onto the right place above the duct.

When the TUISKU grille is set on the OptiINSTALL channel, the installer still has leeway to move the grille horizontally over the channel. This ensures that the right place is found before the grille is screwed in for good. OptiINSTALL is also of great use when several TUISKUs are installed side by side, and especially the horizontal movability really comes in handy.

Product code

TUISKU V 1000×1000 ZnFe L MA RR40 KLV 800×800
1 2


1 = Product
2 = V = Horizontal vanes, no side vanes, surface model
= Vertical vanes, with side vanes, surface model
P = Vertical vanes, no side vanes, surface model
VS = Horizontal vanes, with side vanes, surface model
PU = Vertical vanes, flush-mounted model
VU = Horizontal vanes, flush-mounted model
3 = Size (L x H) mm
4 =Material
ZnFe  galvanized steel
RFe stainless steel
HFe acid resistant steel
Cu sheet copper
5 = Installation frame
6 = Painting
7 = Colour according to RR or RAL colour chart
8 = Rear connection, Note! only flush-mounted models
9 = 
Rear connection size (A x B) mm, defined by designer

TUISKU-V Dimensions

See dimensions on Tuisku.X.


The smallest available special size or special scale of the TUISKU snow cover is 300×400.