ROL-S adjustment and silencer unit

ROL-S adjustment and silencer unit makes airflow adjustment silent while providing a stylish, reliable and easily maintained system. The totally smooth, painted surfaces of ROL-S and ROL are easy to clean and enable the system to be used as part of the interior design.

Air flow range

30-200 dm³/s, 108-720 m³/h

Duct sizes

Ø 160-315 mm


Painted steel

Color options

RAL 9016 white (matte), RAL 9005 black (matte)


ROL and ROL-S form a completed unit for installation and control, which is equipped with a cool slide rail type installation rail. The supply contains connector fittings and an end with a measurement fitting. The smooth surface is very easy to keep clean. The ROL nozzle channel supply air jet drags along a large amount of surrounding air, which means a large air mass is moving at low speed.

The adjustment unit ROL-S, which has very good resilience, can be adjusted accurately. The measurement is based on the pressure difference over the control unit. By using the combination of ROL and ROL-S an accurate, low noise and even air distribution is obtained. ROL-S also effectively suppresses the air sound radiated through the ducts.


  • Installation-ready, painted system
  • Ø 160-315mm, length 1500mm
  • Painted steel as standard
  • Also available in stainless, acid-proof and gloss lacquered steel